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david griffith - saucepanbach: Bio

David's songs are a vast palate of subject matter ranging from celebratory to confrontational, and he delivers them in a broad spectrum of styles, from ballad
through to rock. What makes David Griffith's songs especially unique apart from the lyrical content is the swirling melodies and his lilting voice through his music.
David has recently released a third CD, Saucepan Bach, which sees him continuing to collaborate with Australian guitar legend Bob Spencer. This new offering is harder edged in places than David's previous work.

- Josie Critter from 'Mad Cowboys Disease'

Who and what is Saucepan Bach ?

Decades ago I started writing poetry. This gradually changed until song writing became my main creative expression. In the process of doing this, I moved from being a lousy guitarist to becoming a mediocre musician. The songs got better and the lack of technical ability never mattered until........1995 which was the start of a few public performances.

At this time I started playing, briefly and with some reluctance, in coffee shops and at the local pub and joined The Songwriting Society of Australia. These performances were generally quite well received. In 1998 I crossed paths with Bob Spencer of Angels fame. Bob got involved. He liked the songs and agreed to produce, play and get creative. The end result being, a c.d. of 14 songs with fine musicians involved.

“Savage Folk and Primitive Blues” is the first c.d. by Saucepan Bach.
The title refers to the human condition rather than being a musical statement.
Saucepan Bach has only existed for the purpose of recording.

Music came to a near stop for a few years until the next group of songs could be recorded. It’s a matter of life and resources. The songs were the thing and not the process of becoming a performer.

“Whose say so” is the second cd by Saucepan Bach

A few more years go by and a few more songs bubble through. Life opens up again and I start playing a bit more. Another small group of songs ready to go and I got a bit better as a musician. Practice is a wonderful thing. So is aptitude, attitude and desire.

Along the way, I had a brief stint at acting - winning “best supporting actor” in 1988 at the Riverina Theatre Festival for my portrayal of a derelict. This was my first stage role and was followed by a few radio plays with the ABC and stage work with both the New Theatre and plays at the Bondi Pavilion.

Most of the time I lead a very ordinary and quiet life ... I'd describe myself as cheerfully boring, reasonably uninteresting and quite dull unless I've just written a good song. Other folk wouldn't be half as kind but they're not writing this.

2008 and I start playing on a weekly basis at a local songwriter night. Now playing two nights a week as often as is practical plus yummy gigs as they arise.

David Griffith

Mid January 2009

hmm....was going to write a 'minor update' now that the third cd is FINISHED - but apart from that....there's nothing to add..... it's wonderful to be so utterly boring as to have ...'nothing to add.' after so long....I must get a life.... maybe next time there's a sale on at the shops.....THAT can be my New Year's Resolution.....for 2012.


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