buy songs individually
buy songs individually
youtube interview
this interview came about during the 'testing the equipment' prior to Ironfest
tobacco blues
an awe-inspiring look at relative size
mark wilkinson

excellant songwriter...huge talent

the best I know of for showing the way for indie musicians on the net
THE site for webhosting with a generous mindboggling array of statistical info and features which allow a technological illiterate like myself to build and maintain a website
Celtic Radio
excellent Celtic radio - award winning 24/7 internet radio station
Katoomba Music
our local musical instrument shop has local artists such as myself. located half way down ( or up ) Katoomba Street. phone them on 0247821121 $15 each cd
two planes

the finncut youtube site where the wildly eccentric Mad Cowboy Disease musical videos can be found plus more gems from Matti

keiser report

frenetic and focused take on world finance

electric universe

brilliant introduction to a wilder universe