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david griffith - saucepanbach: Music

Two Planes

(david griffith - saucepanbach)
February 17, 2013

The ghost of Mount Victoria pass

(john hill - music, david griffith - vocals)
September 21, 2015
Henry Lawson and John Hill

cruelty soup

(david griffith - saucepanbach)
September 9, 2013
david griffith

david griffith saucepanbach

Walk this way

What do you want

let's get it right

Been Away So Long

Beyond the bliss

Do I love you

a blues for all that

it's fine

the festival

This trust

So Happy Birthday (Overflow)

White men have no Dreaming

savage folk and primitive blues

Medicine Woman

black dog mood

can this be love

nota bene

gaze in your eyes


volcano burning

cry on my heart

honour thy folks

Hick it up

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