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... grandparents day ... - October 31, 2017

It was a long trip to attend a Grandparents Day at a primary school the other day. It was worth the effort and it was a wonderful and inclusive day.

An ‘Auntie’ gave a welcome to country in which she spoke with clarity about elders and their honoured place within tribal society. She didn’t speak for long and kept it simple and while her words were directed to the children she was also speaking to us – the grandparents. Reminding us of our ongoing responsibility.

I drove home feeling uplifted by both the event and her words. She spent some time talking about respect. That focus stayed with me and, the following day, when our Prime Minister decided that not only would there be no Aboriginal Advisory body attached to parliament but that it would not be a question for a referendum because it wouldn’t get the votes needed to pass it into law, I too  felt as though I’d been kicked in the guts.

I can’t afford despair but it doesn’t stop me from feeling such emotion.

You are wrong, Prime Minister. You show no respect and dishonour our nation.

... is it safe .... - September 15, 2017

It was placed in the space between thumb and first finger and they were very pleased with the result. Now they could open locked doors with a wave of the hand.

It was a small news item the other day. It won’t be long before the microchip in the hand does more than open doors. Pay bills with the wave of a hand. Store essential medical information.

Phones which can only be unlocked by fingerprint or retina scan.

In a multitude of convenient ways, the population is databased and it is convenient but more so when it comes to keeping track of everyone.

I don’t know if people have read 1984 or are just aware that it shows a grim totalitarian future. It’s not the future.

The cashless society can’t be far away. While cash exists the people can take their savings from a bank and will certainly do so if a negative interest rate is attempted by the bank. In a cashless society – there’s nothing to withdraw.

More to the point is the ability of governments to then cut off access to funds to those deemed ‘problematic.’

If that future arrives, full blown and all in place, then the biblical prophecy .... ‘no man may buy or sell but that he have the mark of the beast’ .... will have come true.

Strange. When I was a child and still going to Sunday school, I couldn’t conceive of a society where ‘the mark of the beast’ would appear in subtle forms, invisible to the eye, a microchip, a retina scan, a fingerprint, a device.

two planes, three towers, impossible ... - September 11, 2017

... every breath you take .... - September 7, 2017

It wasn’t always this way. Cold facts of the day are so numerous, so obvious, that keeping mental illness at bay becomes a full time occupation. Jobs are scarce so it’s just as well.

For my first ten years, throughout my formative years, there were few televisions in our village. Some called it the idiot box. Some lauded its arrival as an educational and entertainment tool. There were very few commercials. It was ‘understood’ that commercials break the flow of the drama and so commercials were placed at the beginning and the end of a program. The point here is that it was ‘understood.’ By anyone with a brain cell. What common understandings are there now?

9/11 recedes into history and it remains a false history until it is explained quite how the laws of physics as it relates to ‘free fall’ were suspended on that day. It cannot be explained by the official narrative.

And in the world I inhabit there’s many a false narrative and plenty to act as distraction. Witness the almost universal acceptance of hand held devices designed to what? ... keep us in touch?

‘To act as distraction.’ Not quite sure what I mean. Anything can be seen as a distraction but perhaps the question is more to do with distract from what?

9/11 matters. The implications are profound. It doesn’t prevent me from enjoying activity but it does alter my perception of the bigger picture. Yet the mainstream media cannot and will not touch this subject. No common understanding here.

How is money created out of thin air? Another miracle of the present day given to us by Central banking. The fact that this is fraudulent doesn’t rate a mention in a society weighed down by the cost of living – a by product of this criminal enterprise. Mainstream media won’t touch it yet it profoundly affects the whole world. Again no common understanding.

It’s bitter cold here in the first week of Spring. Howling winds from the Antarctic stream across the mountains. Rising energy prices are of greater concern for many here than the far off floods and hurricanes visible elsewhere. And it’s dry. Been dry for months and the fire season arrives early.

I love this garden. Within twenty years it’s changed shape from a ‘bush block’, beautiful though it was, and become an oasis of Tree Ferns. Don’t know why but I have an affinity with Tree Ferns. The slow growing variety really are slow but they’re tough. They're so tough that you can saw them off from their base and replant the top section. This happens because the whole trunk serves as a root system. Tough, delicate and primeval, there are now a tribe of sixty or so, each with individuality. Some stand solo, few stand tall, others have baby Tree ferns appearing next to the parent. One has a half dozen small Tree Ferns growing from the actual trunk of the parent plant. Like suckling children. They’re remarkable creatures.

In the bitter cold of winter here I have the time and space to continue exploring the wonderful world of UFO’s. It’s just part of that bigger picture, hazy though that aspect be. I’ve seen, briefly, my ‘own’ UFO at close quarters, tree top level and brightly lit, but regardless of that experience I’ve always understood that the universe is not sterile and that it would be teeming with life. To think otherwise is odd – to my mind. Not only doesn’t it receive the focus it deserves, it is still reported with vague amusement if a sighting makes the news. No common understanding there either.

Here in Australia we now have the opportunity to be surveyed regarding same sex marriage and I can’t help but look at the wealth, talent and power with which the gay/ lesbian lobby has pursued its aims and contrast that with the great wall of silence, the lack of input and vigour needed regarding the more important issue of a treaty with the Aboriginal peoples of this country.

So it’s agenda at work, multiple agenda, and many feel unease about the directions being taken.

Sting wrote a beautiful song – ‘Every breath you take’ – it was beautiful for its melody and was taken by most to be a love song. It wasn’t. It’s a song about stalking as the lyrics make clear.

‘You belong to me.’ indicates possession.

‘You belong with me.’ indicates a relationship.

The difference is very clear to me but not to others. It matters because the meaning of words is critical to our understanding – our common understanding.

I’m not equating same sex marriage with the song but pointing out that words have real meaning and that all slogans are lies for what they leave out as much as what they say.

‘Same sex marriage’ is two questions entwined. Am I in favour of gay/lesbian couples having the same legal protections as other couples? Yes.

Am I in favour of redefining marriage? No.

I don’t know that anything stands in isolation and ‘same sex marriage’ also has an agenda attached. We have an Anti bullying program called ‘Safe schools.’ Sounds innocuous but within the teaching programs, until recently removed, is a book called ‘The Gender Fairy’ in which is contained this gem of social engineering aimed at four year olds and up.

‘Whenever a baby is born it is decided by doctors whether the baby is a boy or a girl.’

That’s a twisting of the truth. It’s not ‘decided’ – it actually is. Perhaps one in fifteen hundred babies is born in which sex is indeterminate.

The book goes on to say:

‘Only you know whether you are a boy or a girl. No-one can tell you.’

Again, a twisting of – for most – a self evident fact.

I won’t go to war over this subject but neither will I remain silent. No letters to the editor of our local paper, just this piece to clear my mind and quiet conversation as it arises.

It's still bitter cold and time to water the garden. There are clouds appearing, no rain as yet and none forcast. Nurture and nature, everywhere at play.

...climate change ... - August 30, 2017

... first casualty of war ... - August 22, 2017

It’s been a cold winter and Spring comes late up here. The Magnolia now blooms on a leafless tree, buds opening slowly to reveal purple and cream. The leaves come later. It’s as beautiful as the daffodils beneath the Treeferns - the familiar with the exotic.

We have earthquakes in Australia but they rarely make the news. Not sure why except perhaps a paternalistic attitude which decides that we don’t need to know that.

There’s more to it than that. I’ve been watching Dutchsinse’s youtube channel about daily earthquake activity and the way in which pressure transfers across the plate. He’s informative and passionate about the subject. He’s passionate because, if he is correct, then earthquakes can be forcast, people can be warned and perhaps danger be averted.

The prevailing academic view is that earthquakes are random and thus there’s no great rush for the bodies entrusted with the task of recording such activity to be either focussed or accurate.

These bodies have a vested interest in maintaining outdated dogma even in the face of evidence which contradicts these beliefs. It’s not scientific but it is a human reaction. Close ranks and vilify the heretic.

Google, youtube and facebook – all three entities which promised so much but, ultimately, are now little more than the tools of censorship and data collection.

So many agendas being promoted into societies which are badly - if not mortally - fractured and in need of more than a papering over of the cracks.

Free speech is slowly being suffocated by a mentality which suggests that if others are offended then that free speech is somehow changed into hate speech.

I’ll go to a wedding this weekend. They delightfully don’t want presents so I’ve got a copy of ‘The Life of Brian’ to add to their belongings. I’ll need to not talk about 9/11 or the corrupt and criminal system of Central Banks which enslave mankind. Bit gloomy.

Ah – war – who needs it.

... are you the same, now, as you always were? .... - August 18, 2017

All slogans are lies – for what they leave out as much as what they say.

August 2017 and here in Australia there’s more space given to same sex marriage than there is to World War 3. Unless the figures have changed, the percentage of gay and lesbian persuasion still stands at about 10% of the population.

We’re having a non-binding postal vote on the subject of same sex marriage and it’s unfortunate and ‘by design’ that the question is likely to be phrased ‘Are you in favour of same sex marriage?’ There are actually two questions being asked.

If the question were asked of me – ‘Are you in favour of same sex couples having the same legal rights and responsibilities as heterosexual couples?’ – I would answer ‘Yes.’

If I were asked – ‘Are you in favour of redefining the word ‘marriage’ – my answer would be ‘No.’

This isn’t a trivial matter. Marriage has always been defined or rather been understood as being between a man and a woman. Cuts across all religions and every culture. The family, whether a family of two or greater, is the building block of every society. I see no reason, other than a desire, for changing that definition.

‘You’re on the wrong side of history, dad, ... me and my friends are in favour, we don’t care.’

I’ve paraphrased that quote because it’s the ... ‘..we don’t care.’ which niggles at the edge of my mind. Of course they care and it’s why they’re in favour of same sex marriage. They see it as a matter of unnecessary discrimination – as simple as that. They haven’t seen that there are two questions being asked – all dressed up in a neat little slogan. ‘Same sex marriage.’

The rainbow coalition looks like it encompasses every shade of sexuality but, if that were true, then it should include –  paedophilia, bestiality and whatever the imagination can dream up. Does it?

‘All love is equal.’ ... define love. Not so hard to name aspects of love – selflessness, compassion, empathy and so on, but to suggest that ‘All love is equal’ doesn’t stand scrutiny if love means differing things to differing people. And it does.

This isn’t about whether or not two women can bring up children in a safe caring environment – they’ve been doing so regardless of convention because men went to war and never came back ... or for many reasons. The family was never ideal and neither was marriage.

Am I in favour of change? Depends, doesn’t it.


... dual deception ... - July 27, 2017

... how to carve up the world ... - July 25, 2017

... symbols of an alien sky ... - July 19, 2017

.................................... - July 18, 2017

First casualty of war is truth. We’ve been at war since someone decided that they were special. Special to the extent that everybody else becomes of either lesser importance or of no importance at all.

Nothing new in that – there have always been the rulers and the ruled and slavery has always been an outcome of empire. Still is.

Throw in the power of religion and any obscenity can be justified.

Man creates God in his own image and not the other way round. Perhaps it is the other way round but man has debased this idea, creating and maintaining his religions. This is the religion of Judaism and the Talmud is its ‘Book of Rules.’ They are horrible ‘rules’ and they make clear that those who aren’t followers of Judaism are soulless creatures whose only purpose on Earth is to serve Jews. Difficult to accept that this is the truth of the matter, as seen by followers of the Talmud, but there it is.

So their God is not a universal God but a tribal god, a capricious, vicious god - a useless god to me. A false idol. That’s what I mean when I say that man creates God in man’s image. A limited, cramped and maniacal image.

Where is the love? Where are any of the virtues which are held high – the kindness, compassion, care which I find in Christ’s message.

‘Love your neighbour’ and ‘Do unto others as you’d have done to yourself’ replaces the Ten Commandments or rather, there is no need of the Ten Commandments if Christ’s way of being is lived in reality.

I can’t live that way without recognising the value and the need of anger – righteous anger rather than the anger felt by personal slight or injury.

I don’t know what God IS so my limited image makes of God a universal creative intelligence whose purpose is not slavery to dogma but something ‘more.’ That ‘something more’ is not to be found in hatred, nor in power or control.

What I make of this isn’t described by some words, cleverly or clumsily expressed.

The path I take through life is mine alone. The multiple experiences are common to us all but our reactions and perceptions are a different matter. There are also those experiences which aren’t common and, perhaps because of that, they occupy a special place within us. It doesn’t make me special to have experience which I know to be special.

Not my purpose to talk about experience other than to state that, in my experience, there is that ‘more’ that I’ve mentioned. It includes awe.

I don’t know what to make of Islam. If Christ’s message wasn’t sufficient, what need for Islam, what need for yet another ‘Book of Rules’?

So convinced of being right, of having the only truth, man becomes a zealot, an extremist and love is displaced. Perhaps it was never felt.

An appeal to self interest is always present in life. Throw in an afterlife and a potent brew is manufactured.

This isn’t about being anti Jewish – my neighbour is Jewish and knows nothing of the Talmud. More importantly, we are both human. We’re special in that equal sense of being human – it’s not because we’re chosen and find need to maintain that position, by fair means or foul, but because we’re not.


... sun shines on good and evil alike ... - July 16, 2017

Blasphemy – as an idea – has to be one of the most hideous inventions that man has created. Not God but man.

If there is but one God and that God IS the universe and ‘all that is’ then how can God possibly be insulted? The arrogance of man, in religious form, has no bounds, allows for every monstrosity on behalf of what? – protecting God’s thin skin?

Monstrosities, atrocities – plenty of real abominations occurring within mankind’s behaviours to not need blasphemy added to the list.

There is such a thing as blasphemy. Man’s inhumanity to man.

There wouldn’t be ‘The Palestinian question’ is not for Israel’s obscene behaviour. All in the name of religion warped. That’s a blasphemy.

... a keiser report ... - July 11, 2017

.... world views .... - July 9, 2017

In my cosmology, once were giants – literally. Does that make me a pygmy I wonder. What is the truth of giants apart from mention in the Bible, in the myth and legend of the Mabinogion, the earliest British history. That ancient British history, tracing itself back to Troy and beyond, was, until the 1800’s, probably accepted as fact. Almost certainly accepted because there was no other British history.  

Names, dates, genealogies were passed from generation to generation as were the stories which linked them together. The Mabinogion interests me because my Welsh childhood contains such stories. Giants too.

In the 1800’s a great deal of that which composed accepted world view changed. Darwin published his ‘On the Origin of the Species’ in the late 1850’s and did so about thirty years after Lyel’s  concept of Uniformitarianism was published. This idea suggests that the world and cosmic conditions which are present today were always present. Seems a bit daft to me when the world is littered with catastrophic events.

Darwin didn’t have to tie his work to the idea of an evolution which required settled conditions, for eons on end, but he did. The idea that evolutionary leaps or changes could occur because of catastrophic conditions doesn’t present a problem for Darwin’s evolution but it is more unsettling than slow gradual change.

Part of the reason that ancient British history was dismissed in the 1800’s was because British history goes back to Troy and Troy was believed to be a legend therefore – if Troy is a legend then that British history is a myth. No factual basis. Then in 1873 Troy was unearthed. While this was a great event it didn’t change history, didn’t indicate that a new look is needed for this ancient British history. It didn’t suit the purpose of the ruling or the academic elite.

Many of the text books of history, geography, geology and other areas of interest were  written in the 1800’s and were still in use in my father’s time at school ....  they’re probably still being used. It takes enormous pressure to change the ‘status quo.’ Too much vested interest and it appears that a generation dies out before accepted wisdom is changed.

I’m watching this happen in real time.

Velikovsky was vilified by a small group of academics when his ‘World’s in Collision’ was published in the 1950’s. The public loved his work but his central idea that mankind has a residual consciousness of a time when the planets moved from their orbits and that ‘myth and legend,’ in all cultures, faithfully records these events, did not find favour with them. It is a wonderful work with footnotes and references in abundance. ‘Not good enough.’ cry the critics, ‘This is folklore and nothing more.’

Our ancestors were liars? Not discouraged by sly attack, Velikovsky looked to geology – a subject which is not based on folklore – in order to make his case for a catastrophic past. Although he made that case, his work is largely unknown. But it is known by those who propose an electric universe and continue to offer proof after proof of the truth of their claims. Not yet accepted by conventional wisdom.

‘So many mysteries.’ murmurs a sister of mine as I ‘bend her ear’ with such subjects. Well – there are and one of the mysteries is why so much is suppressed.

Alan Wilson’s books are hard to find so it was through youtube that I witnessed a hale and hearty middle aged man talk persuasively about the historical King Arthur – there were two, one in Roman times and one a few hundred years later. Dismissed as legendary because he’d have been about 250 years old if there were only one Arthur, Alan Wilson refers to ancient British history to make his case in this and many other matters. One of these was the far fetched but perhaps not, tale of a wave of migration, out of Syria, whose people tarried awhile in Troy and then landed in Britain when it was empty of people but inhabited by giants. Alan Wilson’s purpose isn’t to do with giants but I make the connection.

I watched all the interviews I could find and the sad truth was that his work is largely ignored and he appeared an almost broken man in the final interview. He’d been convinced that the truth he’d uncovered would be accepted because it was factual.

Where’s the profit in that?

Enough of this and changing focus. Yippee for versatility.

... webbots, webhits, it's still a web ... - July 9, 2017

A shaft of early morning sun slices, comes sliding at an angle, through a northern facing window. As we move from mid winter, the sun rises closer to the summer solstice high point and comes bursting in the eastern window, straight through the house – just as it does with megalithic structures such as Stonehenge. I know that this apparent change in the position of the sun is due to the tilt of the earth. Nothing magic about it.

Watched an item about the massive increase in ‘Flat Earth’ videos. To me, the whole subject is a nonsense but the web is full of gems mixed with rubbish. The item was worth watching not because it exposed flat earth as a nonsense but because it exposed the massive increase, over a short while, of these videos. They’re in the hundreds and the bloke posting the item notes that he himself makes videos and it’s just not possible for an individual to create so much material on an almost daily basis. Some weird operation is in progress to confuse the many.

Gems amid the rubbish. Went sapphire mining and found the same situation. Sapphires aren’t all bright and sparkly in the rough – you need to look closely. There’s a lot of dirt between the gems and much hard work needed with no guarantee of success.

Clif High – of ‘half past human’ is a gem. A big picture character with the fine detail to match. And he has a delightful sense of humour.

Among the rubbish surrounding UFO activity lie some dubious characters. Money making enterprises which muddy the waters regarding this subject. It’s a strange aspect of the alien reality that direct observation by hundreds of thousands of people are dismissed as though those observations can all be explained as ‘swamp gas.’

And, of course, the speed of light and the distance between stars would make such contact unlikely ... but that’s putting the cart before the horse. If they’re here then the speed of light isn’t an issue – it’s been bent, warped or otherwise overcome. Why is this not self evident. Limited information – not that. Limited interest perhaps.

A magpie fixes me with beady eye. All fluffed up against the cold it waits to receive a slice of bread. The parrots do likewise and get some seed. It’s a connection I enjoy. Simple pleasures of life and too cold for me to jump into the garden. Those autumn tasks were done and nothing needs my activity for another few weeks. Time for guitar practice and pleasure in playing.

I’d started this website, years ago, as a place to host my songs. Perhaps they weren’t very ‘good’ which doesn’t much matter if that’s the case. Music – that’s another matter. It’s a lifelong pursuit in which I’m making some progress as a guitarist. Thanks to excellent teachers online and something within which perseveres. By the time I hit seventy – not too far away – I’ll be singing cheerful blues.


.... a winter's tale ... - July 6, 2017

If we are a flock then children are the sacrificial lambs. I’m so tired of the use of that phrase ‘conspiracy theory’ when there’s no theory involved. Did you never have a secret? Are there family secrets, corporate secrets, government secrets, church secrets? What does it take for a secret to become a conspiracy? A few people who have a vested interest in not revealing facts which threaten their position.

Facts leading to a conclusion. There’s no theory involved.

People are dismissively called Sheeple, perhaps because sheep are easily led and aren’t renowned for thinking - but they aren’t easily led, it takes sheep dogs and shepherds to keep the flock quiet, to get them to follow direction. As to whether the sheep know that they’re being led ... well ... does advertising work?

I count my blessings that I’m not a paedophile and that the opposite sex, with a developed body, is what attracts my interest. It didn’t stop me from being in the clutches of a child molester, for many months, at about aged eleven. A sailing club instructor who, in retrospect, followed the usual path of grooming.

Did it affect my life, my trust, my spontaneity - of course ... to some extent, I can’t see why it wouldn’t. This was more than fifty years ago when awareness was lower about this issue than it is today. Why didn’t I tell anyone?

‘It’s a secret – do you promise?’

It’s sad. It’s more than sad that paedophilia runs rampant in the churches and temples of all religions, is rife throughout the political world.

I was fortunate, I suppose, that my molestations weren’t sadistic or cruel but – I didn’t need them, didn’t ask for them and they didn’t help. As for giving me plenty of time to reflect upon man’s sexuality and the reality that – if you can think a sexual situation then it’s been done and done with gusto. Plenty of room for thought.

The vow of celibacy – how can anyone make such a vow. Sexual energy will not be denied. Temporarily, no doubt, is possible but it will find a way to manifest. That’s my male experience.

‘Why didn’t you tell us?’ asked my parents. How could I when sex was never mentioned and, if I swore, I’d get a clip around the ear.

‘Ah well – you’re all right now aren’t you?’

It’s not about me as a separate individual but more about our common human experience. How else can I explain or understand why this sexual aberration holds such sway over so many.

Not many have the fairy tale life where ‘they lived happily ever after.’  Even if your sexuality conforms to what is seen as acceptable, it doesn’t run smooth and may not run at all. There are the millions – billions throughout time – who have never held a partner in their arms. Does their desire falter or die just because of that reality.

I’d suggest that many with great intellectual awareness have an emotional age which never left the school yard. How would that colour sexual desire? I don’t know – just musing while the third highest Vatican official is about to return to Australia to face child molestation charges.

It’s not a taboo subject but it is difficult. When I was a confused teenager – before I became a confused adult - I swore that if I ever found myself attracted to children that I’d kill myself. I understand that, just as homosexuals do not choose to have that orientation anymore than do heterosexuals, then wouldn’t the same hold true for the whole spectrum of sexual desire  .... unpalatable though that may be. I don’t suggest that people kill themselves but I can’t see how an ethical approach to life can be anything other than a fraud if acting upon paedophilic desire is realised.

It’s the difference between the luciferian doctrine of

‘Do as thou will.’ – which isn’t about freedom of expression but depends upon an attitude of not caring – and  the ethical  ‘Do no harm.’


... earthquake activity ... - July 5, 2017

For months now I’ve tuned in to Dutchsinse and his youtube channel which forcasts earthquakes. Problem is that earthquakes are random or so the mainstream opinion maintains. This would be a reasonable position to hold in a time where technology was minimal and knowledge of earthquake activity took awhile to be shared.

Not so today. Google earth and some fancy software allows Dutchsinse to show the globe and spin it like a ball. To show earthquakes appearing in real time. This allows for a growing appreciation that earthquake pressure transfers across the plate.

This directly threatens the academic position of those who teach otherwise and whose salary depends upon Dutchsinse being wrong in his work. And so he is attacked.

He uses the earthquake lists which many countries provide but the surprise for me lies in the fact that earthquakes can appear on one site but not another. Not only that but the magnitude of earthquakes come from many stations and an average is sought. The average is then often downgraded by a half magnitude. I don’t know whether this is due to incompetence or some other reason but I wouldn’t have thought it too difficult to be up to date. It’s only data entry.

It’s very informative to watch his detailed daily analysis. Not only regarding earthquake activity but also for a better knowledge of exactly where countries are located.

It’s sobering to witness quite how much his ideas are attacked. Self interest trumps scientific truth until that truth becomes self evident.

... and now the news ... - July 5, 2017

The news is rationed – there are only so many minutes in a twenty four day. The news is filtered – how can it be otherwise.

The Russians didn’t do it – whatever the present ‘it’ happens to be.

Anyway, wars and rumours of wars, including wars in Heaven and Earth, dot the landscape where my news comes from RT – Russia Today, Al Jazeera, Israeli News Live and other sources.

There’s something cartoonish about ‘The Leader of the Free World’ tweeting his thoughts about trivialities while carnage prowls the world stage. Isn’t there a bigger picture needing attention.

The Chinese don’t have scores of military bases throughout the Middle East or Europe. Neither country is threatening anything except the complex which runs America and which has no interest other than its own continuance.

Saudi Arabia buys the huge arm deals from Britain and the U.S. and exports a hideous fundamentalism which is a primary source of brutality dressed up as piety. Exports it to Europe. Europe cannot cope.

Israel gains settlements by ongoing force and the map of 1947 which shows Palestinian and Israeli territory is in tatters. Israel – what is there to say about a country which has expanding borders and which dominates so much of world affairs in such a devious fashion.

In that present bigger picture is the weather. I don’t mean the changing seasons and their variations over time but the way in which ‘Global Warming’ has become ‘Climate Change.’ What changed?

I’m all in favour of solar panels replacing fracking – as a cleaner way to find energy – and I’d accepted that CO2 is a ‘villain in the piece.’ I’d simplified the issue to ‘smoke stacks obviously bad’ and, because ice changes from frozen to liquid within one degree, any rise in global temperature threatens catastrophe.

I hadn’t taken into account that while the freezing point of water may be zero, that great mass of ice covering Antarctica exists within a weather system with a temperature of many tens of degrees below zero – it would take more than one or two degrees to melt the ice. And CO2 apparently makes up a tiny fraction of one percent of the atmosphere.

How easy it is to make assumptions, how easy to be mistaken.

A climate warming which became a climate change and then turns out to be inaccurate is ‘news’ to me.

Climate change in the sense of weather modification is a reality and while chemtrails aren’t common in Australia, the same isn’t true across the U.S.A.

In a bigger picture, the Earth hurtles through space, subject to incoming waves of galactic energy – sort of sad that our eyes only see in such a small part of the spectrum.

In a bigger picture, aliens exist, UFO’s are real and are here in our skies - as witnessed by more reports than can be counted. Yet the threadbare fantasy that we are perhaps alone in the universe continues as a dominant view. The ridicule which surrounds the subject testifies to that.

Layers upon layers of bigger pictures, all with fine detail

Back to local news where the wonderful Frank Drebin of ‘Police Squad’ is on t.v. and I love that sense of humour.

Just as well that the news is rationed.

.... fine detail ... - June 27, 2017


The big picture is full of fine detail, regardless of how I define that big picture. Earthquakes rumble around the globe, climate change on a grand scale cannot be denied and, yet, ‘business as usual’ continues, the wars grind on.

It’s not an accident, not on the human level. Plans are made regardless of the climate, perhaps not much noticed, because there are so many climates. Political, social, financial, religious, personal – all climates and all having a big picture aspect which is full of fine detail.

9/11 and the changed world which has directly resulted from those events is one such ‘big picture which is full of fine detail’ and it’s within the detail that the official story falls apart, crumbles to dust.

It matters.

It’s a big picture within a bigger picture. It needs to be treated as a criminal investigation which is why I’ll put up useful videos – full of fine detail -  here. 

... james corbett, 9/11 ... - June 27, 2017

... enemy of a state of mind ... - June 3, 2017

What do you do if you’ve got ‘all the money in the world’ and can print as much as you like because you own the banking system? This is the true state of affairs regarding banking. It’s not a theory, it’s a fact. Not one country in the world has a financial system independent of Central Banks. The wealth of the world is in the hands of privately owned entities. This should be front page news but we’re used to it and don’t understand that this is not what previous generations had to deal with.

Greed knows no bounds and ‘enough is enough’ is an alien concept to the ‘powers that be.’ After the baubles and trinkets cease to fulfill, the mind turns to the exercise of power and, how heady it must be to know that this power allows for reality to be changed. Not the reality of our interactions with each other nor the fact that the sun shines on good and evil alike but the background noise which indicates national interest and global concerns and which affect us all, indirectly or directly via immediate and real death and destruction.

The idea that the world is a grand chessboard upon which ‘the powers that be’ strive for domination, using fair means or foul, isn’t a foreign idea to most. Of course, chess has rules whereas ‘fair means or foul’ indicates no rules at all. Chess is two dimensional while the world is more complex but one aspect of chess readily transfers to matters of state and it lies in the idea of making every move serve more than one purpose. In this way, many possibilities can be catered for.

Why should you care? Take away the fine words of our various leaders and arms deals matter more than life - life for the millions destroyed by those arms deals.

‘We don’t care.’ is the hideous truth behind our common circumstance. It runs through humanity, individually, to a greater or lesser extent and is an essential component of the mentality of those who rule. ‘Collateral damage’ is easy to say and masks the inhumanity of those who use such phrases. Mental shrug and ... ‘let’s move on.’

The struggle for survival, for a job, a living wage and a future becomes more difficult.  It’s a direct result of giving a monopoly over the supply of money to private individuals. In pursuit of a goal in which total control over populations becomes, not only ‘essential to everyone’s security’ but welcomed by those populations tired of terrorism, a cashless society awaits in the wings - just off stage. It will be touted as sensible and as a way of ... er ... getting rid of black markets, preventing the transfer of funds by dubious characters. The problem is that such a power also allows for any who disagree or protest or threaten the State by their continuing existence to have their access to funds cut off completely.

This possible reality echoes that biblical idea that there will come a time when no-one will be allowed to buy or sell but that they carry ‘the mark of the beast.’ The logical next step towards a cashless society is to do away with the cards we carry and have a retina scan or something similar. I was familiar with this ‘mark of the beast’ idea within the context of my Roman Catholic childhood but that was decades ago and it made no sense in a time before credit cards and ‘paywave’ technologies. My understanding then was to ‘know with certainty’ that all people would be familiar with this prophecy so no-one would be fooled but neither conclusion is true.

Talking to grandchild about ‘Once upon a time’ stories and whether these stories are true. It’s not a simple matter to convey to a small child.

Once upon a time there were two towers. They stood mighty in their strength of construction, each rising one hundred and ten stories high. Wicked men plotted as wicked men always have. They wanted war in many countries but knew that the population would not be galvanised into conflict without good cause. They gave them that cause in the destruction of those two towers. To make such a huge event work seamlessly, they needed much to be working in their favour but these men were at a pinnacle of power and could contrive the following.

The might of their air force were otherwise occupied in a country wide training drill which prevented that force from recognising the hijacked planes, to be used as weapons of shock and awe, as a real threat until it was too late. That wasn’t a lucky coincidence for the hijackers or, if it was, couldn’t not have been planned better.

The hijackers were poorly trained on light aircraft yet managed to hit a target that the best pilots we have will maintain could not be done by any but the ‘best of the best.’

Two towers, built to withstand such an attack, fell into their own footprint. Have you any idea of just how difficult it would be, using controlled demolition, to bring a building down and into its own footprint? Still - it happened and this suited the rebuilding purpose and minimised collateral damage to other buildings. Except for Building 7 - a forty seven story high building, not hit by a plane nor much debris from the Twin Towers yet it also fell, free fall, into it’s own footprint. Did it do so in sympathy?

Although the planes and then the Towers were utterly demolished, an undamaged passport belonging to a hijacker manages to float to the ground to be offered up as conclusive proof that a group of Muslim terrorists were involved. Nothing else floated to the ground.

The Pentagon was hit, but not one photograph exists which shows that plane. A picture of the moment of explosion exists but nothing which shows a plane. No cameras around?

There were many facts about that event which indicated something other than the official story but finding a convenient culprit and going to war preempted any other consideration and then - people forgot or were unaware or didn’t care. Life was hard, not because of too many people but because the chess game has been going on for longer than any of us have been alive and people and their lives don’t matter to the wicked men and women playing this game.

The aim of the game is to literally change the reality of mankind. While accidents do happen, they’ll serve the greater purpose if conditions prevail which make such accidents inevitable.

It’s hard to explain why ‘once upon a time’ stories can contain truth yet be a lie.

... doubling down and fake news ... - May 31, 2017

An elephant trumps, stomps and bellows. Belligerent use of power. Travesty replaces Democracy and freedom is hedged with restriction and splattered with blood money. Small wonder that my mind gravitates to elsewhere and there are plenty of elsewheres to explore.

Is it possible for the financial system to freefall to a crash in the same way that the Twin Towers and Building 7 defied the laws of physics - from which the laws of engineering and architecture are firmly based?

If I accept - because the evidence is there - that the Twin Towers and Building 7 which were all demolished on 9/11 did not defy the laws of physics and were, in fact, a planned demolition, then the inescapable conclusion is that the event was rigged rather than miraculous and, if that be true, then very little on the world stage is accidental.

It’s not just a matter of ‘connecting the dots’ but of selecting the dots that I connect. And that’s where we all differ. Our conviction that we’re correct in our assessments isn’t in question although the very word ‘conviction’ is uncomfortably twinned with convict. It’s possible to be both bound and blinkered by our convictions.

‘Fake news’ and ‘doubling down’ are phrases now used constantly in news reports but they come into common use very recently - with the Trump presidency and they are indicative of the man himself - both personality and character. Doubling down is a gambling phrase but I had to look it up just to make sure of its meaning.

Criticise Trump and, rather than answer the criticism, the man attacks. He is a cartoon, a hollow man

‘It’s a rigged game’ is an idea that all but the most innocent understand. The extent of the rigging is .... complete. That isn’t quite so readily understood. The financial system of the world is hijacked by a system of Central banks who print money out of thin air and call it quantitative easing as if such a grand phrase can disguise this fraud.

It wasn’t always this way. The fact that our leaders will not touch this subject is almost beyond belief but not really. It comes back to the dots we care to connect. The power inherent in the ability to manipulate the financial system is unlimited, at least in Earthly terms.

So - how’s your mental health? I go quiet with my troubled mind. I’m able to be nourished by gardening and creative activity and look to wider sources for my news. It’s not just a matter of looking but of seeing what I’m looking at.

‘We want to be treated fairly.’ says Trump who mentions this on his European trip having just sold billions of dollars worth of military arms to Saudi Arabia - the very country which nourishes much of the extremist ideology now existing, the very same country in which human rights do not exist. The ally of Israel.

‘It means jobs, jobs, jobs.’ says Trump. No. It means death, death,  death. Utterly dishonest.

It’s a puppet show and, in that sense, the puppets play their part, join the Ponzi scheme, leave the stage and return to a roof over their collective heads. Meanwhile, most of humanity are left in the dust of their respective dreams and the idea of a roof over their heads is a bad joke.

Aaron Russo asked Nicholas Rockefeller ... ‘What’s the point of all this?’

If you have the time, it’s worth the effort to find his youtube interviews.

The point is very dark and completely uncaring. A world in which total control via a cashless society becomes the new world order.

Here’s the other recent and increasingly popular phrase .... ‘That’s just crazy talk.’

... in these times ... - April 28, 2017

... beautiful event ... - April 23, 2017

... movement everywhere .... - April 22, 2017

A beautiful Autumn day with barely a breath of air to stir the leaves of changing colour. So still as to make easy the thought that the world itself isn’t moving. Such is the deception of the senses which easily assumes that local conditions reflect the conditions prevailing elsewhere -  ‘As above, so below’ isn’t the whole story..... unless, perhaps, we know ‘all’ that is above and what is below. I don’t.

Picture the solar system and, the chances are, that the sun - our local star - sits quiet at the centre while the planets move around that sun in leisurely orbit. All very orderly but far from the truth.

The sun hurtles through space - a space which isn’t empty but filled with charged particles. The sun drags the planets behind it and, as those planets are in orbit, the whole effect is similar to a corkscrew motion. Very different to that placid picture presented in text books.

That interstellar medium itself is not static,  nor do the charged particles which make up that seething space remain the same type of particles. We are mobile as is everything else and just as differing types of stars pour out their energies in various forms, so we are being impacted by differing energies as our star continues on its way.

Meanwhile scores of earthquakes ripple around the globe every day and the pressure released by one earthquake pushes its way along the edges of the fault lines and produces yet another. None of that energy disturbs the leaves on the trees here, in this garden.

But it exists just as the drums of war exist whether they’re heard or not. The financial world - based on fraud - is due for collapse as that game of ‘pass the parcel - it’s musical chairs’ becomes more frantic. How can money be printed out of thin air and this not be the case.

‘Quantitative easing’ - I defy anyone to explain this phrase - a phrase designed to deceive. A large bottom shifting position on a chair - ah - that’s better.

There is no certainty in life, security is an illusion and change - paradoxically - is the only constant. On a personal level, this doesn’t impact upon the values which I hold. Neither should it. Honesty in behaviour allows one to, perhaps, see clearly.

All I mean by that is that dishonest behaviour often indicates a certain unease because unwanted disclosure is an ever present threat thus the events within the wider world are of lesser interest.

Or - it’s all too much. The paedophilia surrounding the corridors of power - church, state and institutional - erupt into the news and then disappear or are labelled ‘fake news.’ They’re not, of course, but power gets used to smother that news and it’s not a subject on which many wish to dwell.

And when it comes to ‘news’, what to believe? Propaganda replaces news and so I must look elsewhere than just mainstream outlets in order to find the difference in outlook or in events not reported in the mainstream. Along the way I find that the old idea of left wing, right wing ceases to have much meaning. Republican, Democrat, Labour or Conservative - lines are blurred but what is clear is that people everywhere have had enough. Had enough of centralised power, had enough of Wall Street manipulation, want their national power returned. Quite what that means is open to question but one aspect of today’s reality is clear - ‘open borders’ is a disastrous policy just as it would be if scaled down to ‘open house.’

Naive to expect that ‘we’re all the same, we’re all equal’ is true beyond an acceptance that we all breath, live and die and have common needs. Beyond that and this equality frays quickly and does so because we don’t all have common values and many of our needs are uncommon. This leads to conflict as it’s bound to do.

It’s ‘values’ which allow such criminal gangs as Islamic State to behead and destroy wherever they go and do so with conviction, with a blind stupidity and a total disregard for the Ten Commandments yet all the while bellowing ‘God is great’ with the same enthusiasm as a gang of football thugs chanting their particular slogan. It’s obscene.

It’s as obscene as the constant regime change called for by America as it seeks to maintain a military presence around the planet.

Trump casually swats an airfield in Syria and sends messages to everyone. Confused messages but this is a man who is so used to lying that he just ignores his lies and blusters through and now threatens Iran. I don’t claim anything but a rudimentary knowledge of world history but Trump has no idea at all. Doesn’t remember how America has already effected regime change in Iran, has already interfered in the internal affairs of Iran because - he never knew. It wasn’t important.

What a Clown and surrounded by the same cabal who advised previous Presidents that their real purpose was to serve Israel’s needs. This is true. It’s woeful but sits snugly with the uncomfortable truth inherent within Judaism that they are chosen and - not necessarily so by implication but generally accepted anyway - that the rest of the world is only here to serve Judaic interest. The Talmud is full of nonsense like this.

Hurtling through an electric universe, vast and teeming with life. Is it teeming with life? Can’t see why it wouldn’t be the case. Particularly so when Earth itself is constantly being visited - as the eyewitness testimony confirms, as my own experience testifies. Doesn’t make me special to have witnessed UFO’s but the event is so unexpected and other worldly that it immediately becomes special. As to why this subject is still considered dubious for anyone of sound mind to pursue is a sad reflection on the mainstream media and a matter of money and power elsewhere.

It’s still a quiet day in the mountains with barely a breath to stir the leaves. I’ll stop here and watch Dutchsinse predict earthquakes on youtube. He talks sense and I love the passion with which he explains the detail of the day with reference to what has already occurred.

It’s excellent but, like much which happens to be ‘true’, has not found ready acceptance by academia.

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