..... oh happy daze ....

‘On the twelfth day of Christmas, my true love sent to me....’ plays as a carol on the radio. Christmas got replaced by Xmas during my childhood – at least by the commercial world whose interests aren’t well served by Christ’s message. It was disconcerting, as a child to see X replace Christ – ‘X’ marks the spot on treasure maps and ‘X’ also indicates a crossing out.

Symbols exist and run deep through our minds. The use of ‘X’ to replace Christ isn’t trivial and as the decades roll on, Christmas cards get replaced by ‘Happy Festive Season’ pleasantries.

Even in childhood, Santa Claus was replacing Christ, as the primary reason for Christmas, with the emphasis on presents – and who’s going to argue with that?

O.K. – much of the world aren’t Christians but so what? Has the world dared to play around with the festivals of other religions?

This comes up for me as Donald Trump does away, yet again, with reason and placates and appeases the Evangelical Christians who voted for him, by declaring Jerusalem the capital of Israel. As much of the thinking of this branch of Christianity has little to do with good feeling towards Judaism and is more bent upon hastening ‘the End Times’ than a  ‘love your neighbour as yourself’ and ‘Do unto others as you’d have done to you’ approach to life, it doesn’t bode well for anyone – apart from weapons manufacturers. And, as I understand it, any Second Coming can neither be hastened nor denied by the machinations of mankind so the idea of hastening a Second Coming is an arrogant nonsense.

What a heartbreaking year.  

Fracking – if one looks on Google Earth and zooms in on California, thousands upon thousands of fracking operations are revealed. They exist in the midst of orchards and green hills, on the sides of ancient volcanoes and those thousands of wells are multiplied many times over as one moves to the mid west. Can’t help but wonder if the wildfires now occurring in California are being fed by both the weather patterns existing there and also by releases of gas from fractured wells which themselves are being subjected to small earthquakes on a daily basis. You wouldn’t know any of this existed if you didn’t look but I remain astounded by the extent of these operations. They run from the mountains to the sea and exist side by side with suburbs. The countryside, itself, is deeply fractured and reflects those deep divisions in the mindset and world view of much of the world’s population.

It’s the attitude of you’re either with us or against us, permeating the world, which disturbs. If politics and religion aren’t fit topics to discuss, I don’t know what is ‘fit to discuss.’

Meanwhile, many turn off the ‘news’ completely, basically because it’s almost always dreadful. A character from ‘Struggle Street’ – a t.v. program – here in Oz, wails that he only wants to be happy just like everyone else and it’s a heartfelt cry mirrored across the land by those struggling to pay rent in a system which encourages all to ‘get on board’ with a parasitic system – a top down pyramid without the solidity of a real pyramid, a literal house of cards ..... and, of course, the relatively few who play the cards, as they see fit, and with no regard for anything but profit.

No wonder then that Christ’s message challenges the power structure now as it did two thousand years ago.

‘Exit stage left, humming strange and half remembered melodies.’