.... who's on first .....

Russia is not my enemy, neither is China. The Project for a New American Century was written prior to 9/11 and was charged with the responsibility for articulating the possible ways in which America could maintain a posture, within world politics, of total spectrum domination.

To that end, regime change was deemed necessary throughout the Middle East and specifically in regard to Iraq, Libya, Somalia, Yemen, Syria, Lebanon, Sudan and ... Iran.

Not a word about freedom or democracy nor about the total destruction of all those countries ... and for what? So America can keep its pre-eminent position.

No regime change in Saudi Arabia and none in Israel yet both countries are barbaric in their treatment of those deemed enemies and neither can be called a democracy.

And ‘lest we forget’, 9/11 – contrary to the message portrayed in mainstream documentaries – was not due to the actions of some bearded terrorists who could not have flown those planes but, by the laws of physics, demonstrated free fall when three towers, not two, hit the ground, neatly into their own imprint and ‘shock and awe’ replaced the critical faculties we all possess.

‘Gee – that was lucky .... think of the mess if they’d have fallen over sideways.’

It beggars belief that this crime against mankind continues to ripple out with its disastrous effects while the perpetrators, the Donald Rumsfelds of this world, profit.

Evil men in high places and, no doubt, it always was so. And that’s my point, I guess. It’s easy to recognise the conspiracies of the past but there appears to be a ‘cognitive dissonance’ in recognising that such conspiracies are alive and kicking to this day and that, within their agendas, you and I are of no concern.

Small wonder that an alien presence tends not to land on the White House lawn. Having said that, I’m glad that my own UFO sighting happened before holograms and that it happened ‘out the back of beyond’ AND that it was lit up like an absurd, silent Christmas tree.

No mistake there. We are not alone and very strange it would be if we were.

A five minute video below speaks volumes for the curious.