... every breath you take ....

It wasn’t always this way. Cold facts of the day are so numerous, so obvious, that keeping mental illness at bay becomes a full time occupation. Jobs are scarce so it’s just as well.

For my first ten years, throughout my formative years, there were few televisions in our village. Some called it the idiot box. Some lauded its arrival as an educational and entertainment tool. There were very few commercials. It was ‘understood’ that commercials break the flow of the drama and so commercials were placed at the beginning and the end of a program. The point here is that it was ‘understood.’ By anyone with a brain cell. What common understandings are there now?

9/11 recedes into history and it remains a false history until it is explained quite how the laws of physics as it relates to ‘free fall’ were suspended on that day. It cannot be explained by the official narrative.

And in the world I inhabit there’s many a false narrative and plenty to act as distraction. Witness the almost universal acceptance of hand held devices designed to what? ... keep us in touch?

‘To act as distraction.’ Not quite sure what I mean. Anything can be seen as a distraction but perhaps the question is more to do with distract from what?

9/11 matters. The implications are profound. It doesn’t prevent me from enjoying activity but it does alter my perception of the bigger picture. Yet the mainstream media cannot and will not touch this subject. No common understanding here.

How is money created out of thin air? Another miracle of the present day given to us by Central banking. The fact that this is fraudulent doesn’t rate a mention in a society weighed down by the cost of living – a by product of this criminal enterprise. Mainstream media won’t touch it yet it profoundly affects the whole world. Again no common understanding.

It’s bitter cold here in the first week of Spring. Howling winds from the Antarctic stream across the mountains. Rising energy prices are of greater concern for many here than the far off floods and hurricanes visible elsewhere. And it’s dry. Been dry for months and the fire season arrives early.

I love this garden. Within twenty years it’s changed shape from a ‘bush block’, beautiful though it was, and become an oasis of Tree Ferns. Don’t know why but I have an affinity with Tree Ferns. The slow growing variety really are slow but they’re tough. They're so tough that you can saw them off from their base and replant the top section. This happens because the whole trunk serves as a root system. Tough, delicate and primeval, there are now a tribe of sixty or so, each with individuality. Some stand solo, few stand tall, others have baby Tree ferns appearing next to the parent. One has a half dozen small Tree Ferns growing from the actual trunk of the parent plant. Like suckling children. They’re remarkable creatures.

In the bitter cold of winter here I have the time and space to continue exploring the wonderful world of UFO’s. It’s just part of that bigger picture, hazy though that aspect be. I’ve seen, briefly, my ‘own’ UFO at close quarters, tree top level and brightly lit, but regardless of that experience I’ve always understood that the universe is not sterile and that it would be teeming with life. To think otherwise is odd – to my mind. Not only doesn’t it receive the focus it deserves, it is still reported with vague amusement if a sighting makes the news. No common understanding there either.

Here in Australia we now have the opportunity to be surveyed regarding same sex marriage and I can’t help but look at the wealth, talent and power with which the gay/ lesbian lobby has pursued its aims and contrast that with the great wall of silence, the lack of input and vigour needed regarding the more important issue of a treaty with the Aboriginal peoples of this country.

So it’s agenda at work, multiple agenda, and many feel unease about the directions being taken.

Sting wrote a beautiful song – ‘Every breath you take’ – it was beautiful for its melody and was taken by most to be a love song. It wasn’t. It’s a song about stalking as the lyrics make clear.

‘You belong to me.’ indicates possession.

‘You belong with me.’ indicates a relationship.

The difference is very clear to me but not to others. It matters because the meaning of words is critical to our understanding – our common understanding.

I’m not equating same sex marriage with the song but pointing out that words have real meaning and that all slogans are lies for what they leave out as much as what they say.

‘Same sex marriage’ is two questions entwined. Am I in favour of gay/lesbian couples having the same legal protections as other couples? Yes.

Am I in favour of redefining marriage? No.

I don’t know that anything stands in isolation and ‘same sex marriage’ also has an agenda attached. We have an Anti bullying program called ‘Safe schools.’ Sounds innocuous but within the teaching programs, until recently removed, is a book called ‘The Gender Fairy’ in which is contained this gem of social engineering aimed at four year olds and up.

‘Whenever a baby is born it is decided by doctors whether the baby is a boy or a girl.’

That’s a twisting of the truth. It’s not ‘decided’ – it actually is. Perhaps one in fifteen hundred babies is born in which sex is indeterminate.

The book goes on to say:

‘Only you know whether you are a boy or a girl. No-one can tell you.’

Again, a twisting of – for most – a self evident fact.

I won’t go to war over this subject but neither will I remain silent. No letters to the editor of our local paper, just this piece to clear my mind and quiet conversation as it arises.

It's still bitter cold and time to water the garden. There are clouds appearing, no rain as yet and none forcast. Nurture and nature, everywhere at play.