... grandparents day ...

It was a long trip to attend a Grandparents Day at a primary school the other day. It was worth the effort and it was a wonderful and inclusive day.

An ‘Auntie’ gave a welcome to country in which she spoke with clarity about elders and their honoured place within tribal society. She didn’t speak for long and kept it simple and while her words were directed to the children she was also speaking to us – the grandparents. Reminding us of our ongoing responsibility.

I drove home feeling uplifted by both the event and her words. She spent some time talking about respect. That focus stayed with me and, the following day, when our Prime Minister decided that not only would there be no Aboriginal Advisory body attached to parliament but that it would not be a question for a referendum because it wouldn’t get the votes needed to pass it into law, I too  felt as though I’d been kicked in the guts.

I can’t afford despair but it doesn’t stop me from feeling such emotion.

You are wrong, Prime Minister. You show no respect and dishonour our nation.