... is it safe ....

It was placed in the space between thumb and first finger and they were very pleased with the result. Now they could open locked doors with a wave of the hand.

It was a small news item the other day. It won’t be long before the microchip in the hand does more than open doors. Pay bills with the wave of a hand. Store essential medical information.

Phones which can only be unlocked by fingerprint or retina scan.

In a multitude of convenient ways, the population is databased and it is convenient but more so when it comes to keeping track of everyone.

I don’t know if people have read 1984 or are just aware that it shows a grim totalitarian future. It’s not the future.

The cashless society can’t be far away. While cash exists the people can take their savings from a bank and will certainly do so if a negative interest rate is attempted by the bank. In a cashless society – there’s nothing to withdraw.

More to the point is the ability of governments to then cut off access to funds to those deemed ‘problematic.’

If that future arrives, full blown and all in place, then the biblical prophecy .... ‘no man may buy or sell but that he have the mark of the beast’ .... will have come true.

Strange. When I was a child and still going to Sunday school, I couldn’t conceive of a society where ‘the mark of the beast’ would appear in subtle forms, invisible to the eye, a microchip, a retina scan, a fingerprint, a device.