... weapons of mass distraction ....

‘Weapons of mass destruction’ led the world into regime change throughout the Middle East. There were no weapons of mass destruction to be found but, no matter, regime change is part of America’s Project for a New American Century and so the attempts at regime change continue with devastating results for millions.

Weapons of mass distraction and weapons of mass deception continue to be used with no end in sight.

There’s a quiet migration happening here in Australia as real estate prices soar, rents become unaffordable and money laundering from overseas further boosts the price of a home.

On the surface, all appears well – after all the houses don’t move. Where I live was once a half day drive from Sydney. An improved highway cuts that time to a few hours and so prices increase here, on the outer fringes. The people already here who rent move still further away from the city, desperate to find a job and a roof over their collective heads. The homeless grow in number as society fractures further.

My sleep patterns are awry and I’m usually awake at dawn. I go for an hour’s walk, listening to the ‘news’ as I go. Gun Control, or rather the lack of it in the U.S.A, makes the news again. What appears madness from a distance is explained with a tortured logic which indicates to me that the ‘my gun is bigger than yours’ approach should lead to mums taking their kids to school in an armoured vehicle.

One out of three school principals here have suffered violence and are ‘stressed’ – as you would be – by their occupation in these times.

There’s a litany of misery which is mirrored in other countries yet a brave new world of technological marvels is portrayed as being an answer to our collective woe. I don’t believe it just as I don’t believe much at all.

The birds of the garden perch on a handrail as I return from my walk. Some like a bit of bread, some like a handful of seed and some, like the Sulphur crested Cockatoo, will eat just about anything – including the handrail. They are the vandals of the bird world and are wary of me now that I have a ‘you beaut’ Star Wars ‘lock and load’ water pistol which does no more than startle them but makes me feel better anyway. The Satin Bower birds are exquisitely beautiful, very shy and lift my spirits by their presence. The same can be said for the King parrots resplendent in their colours and their regal manner.

It’s an overcast morning, late summer but feels like autumn. Time to go quiet again.