... when Atlas held up the world ...

While I dig into ancient history, modern history is busy being written, revised, sanitised and otherwise dressed up as fact.

History itself is a war. I witness 9/11 and understand, within hours, that this was - absolutely not as the later official story would have me believe. No conspiracy theory but inescapable conclusion due to the laws of physics – ‘free fall’ does not occur unless every impediment to a slow collapse is removed.

I stand alone within my extended family over this matter. Life continues and it’s difficult enough without entertaining such a monstrous idea that a controlled demolition – with all the hideous implication – brought down, into its own footprint, two towers hit by planes and Building 7, a forty seven story building which wasn’t hit by a plane.

I’m not so busy that I can’t find the time to investigate the event which plunged the world into an unending war on terror. How can it ever be other than ‘unending’?

Empires arise, stay awhile, and disappear. During the last years, perhaps the final centuries if the Empire is large, the population is unaware of its coming demise but the crumbling infrastructure tells the tale.

Such is America. Where the idea of American exceptionalism comes from, I don’t know but it’s suspiciously similar to both ‘the chosen people’ and Nazi Germany’s master race. Ultimately – just another ‘who’s the boss’ scenario.

Blessed by God? Every despot, fraud and liar can claim ‘blessed by God’ but that claim doesn’t make it so.

The idea that the world is a grand chessboard is familiar to most and, if you play chess then you’ll understand strategy. I’m not so good at chess but do understand that moves are planned with more than one purpose and deception is integral to success – you don’t telegraph the purpose of your moves. I suppose that approach could be called a conspiracy of silence. It applies to life and to the life of nations as those nations strive to promote their interests in a political reality where ethics don’t apply.

The story of the privately owned Federal Reserve and the system of Central banks is the other glaringly obvious – but not unless you’ve investigated – fraud upon mankind.

Money is printed out of thin air and banks ‘too big to fail’ become part of what is considered normal. NOTHING is too big to fail but banks need to be bailed out and so it is that you and I pay for that ... and the very system which is parasitical in nature continues to feed upon the host body – the people.

‘ ... and it was always so.’ murmurs a friend who knows something of human nature but hasn’t investigated the Federal Reserve.

I’ve been immersing myself in ancient history – not as a scholar already well read in such matters – but as a curious human, late in life, attempting to see the ‘bigger picture.’

There isn’t the consensus that I’d have expected. It’s true that enough sources coincide to make clear a date upon which something happened of enough consequence to make it worth writing down but that’s the equivalent of a bone from a skeleton without a context in which to view it.

I’ve a hodge podge of books and atlases and ‘British History 55 B.C. – A.D. 1688’ comes to mind. I’d expected more than a paragraph about the Britons of that early time but it was as if they didn’t exist. It’s a school book. It reads easily but tells me almost nothing except Julius Caesar arriving, a few hundred years of Roman interaction and then – the Anglo Saxons.

So history is air-brushed, much is omitted, things are presented in a favourable light - or otherwise - and all of these previous times go back no more than 10,000 years or so which takes us back to an Ice Age which I’d understood to be ended but perhaps not ... we’re just in a warm period. Either way, the ice retreats from much of the world and sea levels rise.

It’s well after this that ancient Egypt and Mesopotamia flower as civilisations, that mankind moves from hunter gatherer to agriculture and a relatively settled state. Perhaps starting 6000 years ago.

According to my time line chart, 3,700 B.C. Ancient Mesopotamia, 3,150 B.C. Ancient Egypt, 2,900 B.C. Ancient India, 1,850 B.C. Ancient China, 1,850 B.C. Ancient Israel, 900 B.C. Ancient Greece, 800 B.C. Ancient Rome ... it all looks very neat and tidy and yet the world is littered with megalithic structures which exist but don’t fit in to the established order. Not only do they exist but they defy the ability of modern man to duplicate.

When the ice melted and flooded the low lying coastal areas whole cities sunk beneath the seas and oceans. They exist in the Mediterranean and off the coast of India. For them to have been built and then sink indicates that they were built before the Ice Age ended. Perhaps I’m missing something here but if we’re busy dating civilisations then it makes sense that earlier vestiges, now beneath the waves, need to be taken into account.

It puzzles me that Australia appears to have no megalithic structures, no hidden cities in the jungles as occurs in South America, no pyramids yet – when it comes to ancient – the Aboriginal nations rightly claim an unbroken history of 40,000 years and more. As to a civilisation ... none of mankind’s civilisations have endured yet the Aboriginal culture endures.

“Where are their buildings, their cathedrals, their roads?” enquired my father when I returned from time spent at close quarters with some tribal aborigines, full of wonder, exhausted but enthusiastic.

It is only recently that maps of Australia have become available which show – not the various now existing States and Territories – but what looks like a map of Europe, the whole country clearly divided or rather delineated into areas in which each Aboriginal nation becomes responsible for that land.

It’s an entirely different world view to that held by my father who could not help but see through a world view of Empire, past and present, and all else is primitive and of dubious value. Culture is a very different and far more serious matter for Aboriginal custodians than is evident in the Western mind. For one thing, of paramount importance, we don’t have initiations into the shared spiritual life of the tribe. Not in the same sense. As to cathedrals ... if the whole country is a cathedral, what need for a building.

Anyway, Australia remains an enigma. It’s almost as if it’s been dropped into this world, to develop in its own unique way without reference to other civilisations.

The concept of Uniformity – basically that the conditions which exist now within the solar system have prevailed for aeons – is a comfortable idea and dovetailed quite neatly into Darwin’s theories regarding evolution and the aeons of time required for that slow march. It doesn’t necessarily have to be a slow march nor require a uniformity but the ideas sprang within a few decades of each other and ‘that was that.’

It doesn’t square with the evidence which Velikovsky provides of a catastrophic recent past where planets moved in their orbits.

All part of a bigger picture in which 10,000 years doesn’t seem so ancient.