102 minutes

“9/11: 102 Minutes That Changed America  is an unprecedented documentary that joins hundreds of pieces of footage and audiotape in a seamless historical record.”

Well – that’s that – 9/11 sorted.

Except it isn’t a seamless historical record. Perhaps using ‘102 minutes’ precludes mention of Building 7 – the forty seven story building within the same complex as the Twin Towers which collapsed though not hit by anything - but the only reason I watched this film was to see if ANY question at all got raised within its two hour length. It didn’t. Plenty of shock and awe, dust and pain and even a mention of the Pentagon but no Building 7.

Eighteen years of 9/11 anniversaries and I’ve never seen any of the dozens of videos/films available which do question every detail surrounding that day’s events appear on commercial television.

There was a moment within that ‘documentary’ which struck me as deeply human. A cleric is walking through a street below the towers but before the towers came down. A camera gets thrust into his face and an interviewer asks him, in breathless tones, what he’s seen. He glances upwards at the smoke and fire and says nothing.

The interviewer, in that crass way that interviewers have, says to the cleric.

‘Can you say something to comfort the affected?’

He paused briefly and before walking on, responds ‘Let me find it first’