a brief conversation

‘Of course there’s no conspiracy – we just haven’t made the facts public.’

‘Doesn’t that come down to the same thing?’

‘Probably … but conspiracy is now such a dirty word that people dismiss anyone who uses it.’

‘Hmm … a useful state of affairs for those who conspire.’

‘Quite so, it’s never a conspiracy but always a conspiracy theory. Who, nowadays, uses words like treason or traitor even though such behaviour is still, as it’s always been, commonplace? Perhaps that’s why we’ve invented the phrase - Crimes against Humanity.’

‘What do you mean?’

‘Wish I knew. It’s all so complicated.’

‘Is it? Perhaps the idea that it’s complicated is yet another useful idea for those who conspire.’

‘Yes – back where we started.’

‘No we’re not – curiosity, investigation, research – they’re all open.’

‘Curiosity killed the cat.’

‘Says who? Where’s the evidence? That’s only a saying just as ‘Cats have nine lives’ is just a saying.’

‘Not just a ‘saying’ but something borne out by observation of cat behaviour.’

‘O.K. – back to conspiracy and the evidence is there that the tobacco industry did conspire, complete with their hand-picked scientists who ‘proved’ no danger involved to health, in order to maintain, until the real evidence was overwhelmingly against their suppositions, that smoking was fine, sophisticated and … no problem at all.’

‘Yes – that’s true.’

‘… and then there’s 9/11, free fall of buildings and the suspension of belief in the laws of physics.’

‘Too dreadful to believe that those events were not as the official story maintains.’

‘That’s a woeful and blindly ignorant position to take.’

‘I don’t care.’

‘Are you familiar with ‘Remote Viewing’? Perhaps the video below will be of interest – probably not if you really don’t care.’