a man of constant sorrow

It’s been going on for so long – what is achieved, what’s the point, the purpose, the end result? Is it the war on terror? How can that ever be won when terror knows no country, no borders.

Here’s the issue, to my mind. The Project for the New American Century, written and proposed prior to the year 2000, was concerned with America having ‘total spectrum dominance’ in order to maintain its position as the pre-eminent power in the world.

Regime change was deemed necessary in the following countries.

Libya, Iraq, Iran, Somalia, Syria, Lebanon, Sudan and North Korea.

The population of the U.S.A. would not be willing, nor would America’s allies, to go to war without something of the magnitude of 9/11 prompting such a move.

Because Bin Laden was immediately seen as the culprit the war started in Afghanistan. It took very little time to start a war in Iraq – a country which had nothing to do with 9/11.

The point here is not a lesson in history but that 9/11 was the catalyst that changed the world – and not for the better - and that catalyst requires the closest scrutiny.

Bear with me here. The laws of physics, as they apply to freefall, were broken if the official story is accepted. That point can’t be ignored nor can the other inconsistencies of that day. I haven’t ignored them and have done the research needed to conclude that 9/11 was planned to a degree impossible for a bunch of bearded terrorists who could barely fly a Cessna to achieve.

This doesn’t imply that all levels of the U.S. government were involved but that an entity now known as the Deep State does exist and it is in that direction that the cause and implementation of the events of 9/11 needs be pursued.

It’s happened and those countries earlier named are either destroyed or disabled. This, in turn, leads to waves of dispossessed people threatening the stability of the countries in Europe to which they, of necessity, turn.

The weather forecast here in Australia is as bright and breezy as the weather itself and hardly mentions that ‘a good day for the beach’ is cold comfort to a country largely in drought. Here in the mountains the only rain comes in the form of frost and there’s a parallel here in the state of world affairs.

In the garden here I’m bringing in some good quality soil which I’ll water in before adding a light blanket of sugar cane mulch. Snowdrops and daffodils appear beneath the Treeferns – these slow growing Treeferns have been around for millions of years and are, I believe, the only tree to have the trunk also serving as the root. This means that the trunk can be sawed off and replanted and will, after it gets over the shock, regrow. Although nothing regrows from on top of the sawed off base, other Treeferns will appear from around that base. Truly remarkable and somewhat similar to the ability of people to endure a severe transplanting.

Fake news, false flags and propaganda – no wonder that mainstream media ceases to be, generally speaking, a genuine source of real information.

If indeed there is such an entity as the Deep State which has an agenda in which not only you and I but whole societies are seen as no more than collateral damage then it’s useful to be aware and to continue with the process of education.

It’s slightly warmer outside and time to mulch the garden beds. I’ve hardly touched the guitar for months but am enjoying learning the song from ‘O Brother Where Art thou?’ – ‘A man of constant sorrow’ which, oddly enough, is a cheerful song in that rendition and lifts the spirit into something akin to joy.