Ah - Building 7 - it's not as if it's a secret but might as well be

I got an email today from Architects and Engineers for 9/11 Tuth.

The ‘news’ is that Building 7’s collapse was not due to fire.

Most have never heard of Building 7 and as the anniversary of 9/11 rolls around again so the mainstream media is bringing versions of the official story – it was never much of a narrative – to our televisions screens where they’ll likely be believed as truthful.

It’s not.

James Corbett’s ‘propaganda watch’ is linked below.

It's what doesn't make the news that gives pause. I know it's a continuous torrent but the 'news' about Building 7 is greeted by silence.

It's huge news - if not by fire then why did a 47 story skyscraper collapse at near free fall speed?

Our present day reality is fundamentally changed by the events of that day and it's not worth investigating?