and now for something completely different....

At the doctor’s room and conversation moves back and forth. We like each other and nothing much wrong with me that a few blood tests won’t reveal so there’s time for a minute or two of wider ranging talk covering history, the way in which it’s written, the motivations for changing history to suit the power of the day … the sad truth that this is actually the case.

I mention the Llandaff Charters in which the kings of South Wales are noted and therefore it’s an easy matter to see that King Tewdrig has a son, Meurig, who succeeds him as king and who has a son, Arthur (Arthrwys), who succeeds him and who had a son Morgan who did likewise. The bishop of Llandaff at that time is likewise known, Oudoceus by name. I looked him up on Wikipedia – not always the best source – and it was with a mixture of feelings that I read the scholarly entry, follow the links, and find that Teudrig, Meurig and Morgan are mentioned as kings but Arthur is not.

“While Athrwys's father Meurig and son Morgan are named as kings in the Book of Llandaff, Athrwys never is.” … the thought within the article was that perhaps Arthur never actually ruled as king.

It’s a long story. The evidence says otherwise.

I asked the doctor if he’d heard of GcMAF which is something I hadn’t heard of until a month or so back and I’d only taken notice then because I have a relative with disease. He shrugged and all I could tell him was that, as I understand it, it’s a naturally occurring enzyme – or ‘whatever’ – which, in people with cancer, is present in low levels and that introducing greater quantities of this substance improves the health of the patient and often does so in dramatic fashion. It appears that there are now a few people in Britain whose motivation for getting this information and product out to the public is pure, not tainted by commercial greed, but who face time in jail for their efforts.

Much to my pleased surprise the doctor ‘waxed lyrical’ about the dreadful – my word, not his - influence of the pharmaceutical industry whose profits are threatened by something which actually does more than set up a pill popping regime. Perhaps a cure and no need for pills.

Hallelujah … and talking hallelujah, I was saddened to find out that ‘Brother Nathanael’s’ youtube channel has been silenced.

“This account has been terminated due to multiple or severe violations of YouTube's policy prohibiting hate speech.”

Brother Nathanael is Jewish but converted to Greek or Russian Orthodox Christianity - I forget which - and who, therefore, feels that his Jewish brethren should wake up. He reminds me of Groucho Marx which is a delight if you’re familiar with the Marx Brothers.

Never seen him utter anything remotely like hate speech – what an odious expression that is – what he does do is to use his deep knowledge of the various, apparently often conflicting, branches of Jewish Faith, their beliefs about their place in the world and the place of those who are not Jewish. He’ll talk about Zionism and Israel’s inhumane treatment of the Palestinian people … no hate involved but that’s  the trick – any criticism is, by definition, anti-Semitic and must be hate speech.

What a nonsense.

Israeli News Live still has their youtube channel. Another site run by a convert to Christianity and a thoughtful ‘take’ on middle-east affairs.

Ah – leave Iran alone. Stop the economic sanctions which cripple the population and are an act of war. Same with Venezuela. If I suggest that  regime change is needed where the countries concerned are motivated by commercial interest and try to topple existing elected governments elsewhere by the use of economic terrorism – for that is what it is – then the good ole U.S.A. continues on its merry way to fly the flag for just that approach. How can this be justified. It’s not alone as uneasy allies must needs take sides.

And Mad Magazine is to cease publication of new material from this August. I came across a stack of old Mad magazines in a second hand shop a few months back and have now introduced the teenagers next door to that experience … much to their delight.

‘Alas, alack a day.’ …. satire is no longer acceptable. Yes it is.

Perhaps everything is connected and my mind turns to the wonders explored by Velikovsky and now expanded upon by the Thunderbolts Project. If you’re unfamiliar with our catastrophic past and the concept of an electric universe – both ideas at odds with prevailing views – then the video below, I hope, is going to be enlightening.

The ideas presented don’t make me a better person, don’t change my everyday life but they do present an awe inspiring framework, far removed from the concerns of the day, something of real substance and nourishment in a time of packaged food.