are we there yet?

It would be the strangest thing if the move towards Brexit, a move back to some sense of sovereignty, ‘a free independent nation’, and the counter move to remain in the European Union then results in the break-up of the United Kingdom.

The law of unintended consequences isn’t so much a law as an inevitability. With the number of think tanks in existence one could imagine that all eventualities would be thought through and perhaps that’s happened. So much hinges upon ones world view, whether events just happen or whether there’s an agenda at work.

No doubt a case can be made for remain or leave regarding Brexit but the referendum resulted in leave, it hasn’t happened and the anger grows. Whatever happens the anger will remain for one side or the other and where that leads is anyone’s guess.

Hong Kong protests change from peaceful to violent and how sad it was to hear ‘God save the Queen’ being sung as if Britain were likely to rush in to … do what?

And this worldwide protest grows … climate, gender issues, ‘democracy’ … I voted labour all my life based on the simple truth that the positive changes in the lives of most in society were better served by Labour than by Conservative governments. It’s no longer so simple.

Donald Trump, growing more deranged by the day, mentions Globalists as if it were a dirty word - which it usually is - and, in the same breath mentions Patriots and my internal radar tells me that Trump’s version of Globalists isn’t mine and his reference to Patriots conjures up that quote … ‘Patriotism is the last refuge of a scoundrel.’

Yet in my world view there is an agenda, plenty of them, and the end desired result is a new world order. It’s not hidden, Presidents ‘look forward’ to that day but how to achieve such a goal when most nations would be reluctant to give up sovereignty to a World entity.

War, civil unrest, natural or unnatural disasters, a financial system working its way to a cashless society, a 5G technology unsafe for humans and, if so, unsafe for all living things but it doesn’t matter because there are ‘too many people’ anyway … create conditions so miserable that a new world order ‘naturally’ occurs.

The sun still shines … even within that phrase the meaning changes from positive to ominous if drought is the daily reality.

I don’t know if anything is ‘set in stone’ regarding the future.  

Change is the only constant.