Australian Prime Minister humiliates Tribal leaders yet again

2018 and we’re still talking here in Australia about a treaty for Aboriginal people. Our Prime Minister recently embraced ‘Same Sex Marriage’ and the mood of the people was such that it would have been political suicide to not embrace that concept. I didn’t. I would have supported a ‘Same Sex Union’ but that wasn’t the question asked in the referendum and it doesn’t make me a bigot to have voted ‘No.’ We’ve since had calls for getting rid of such words as ‘He’ and ‘She’, ‘Wife’, ‘Mother’ …. and all in the name of what? Respect? Diversity? – the nonsense spouted on the mainstream news by a woman calling for such change was that this was to do with ‘respect’ – she followed up that inane comment with this ‘ … and you can’t have too much respect.’ Hmm.

The point here is that we had a referendum about ‘Same sex marriage’ and the debate was basically non-existent although the emotional angst was palpable – non-existent in respect to debate but only because most had already come to a position and debate wasn’t going to change much but, nonetheless, we did have a referendum at the very same time that Aboriginal people were asking for a treaty and for a voice in Parliament. Admittedly, a ‘voice’ could mean anything and it’s the detail which matters but the silence from all those voices so passionately talking about respect and inclusion was deafening and our Prime Minister dismissed the idea in an insulting manner - the Australian people wouldn’t ‘go for it.’

How could he know such a thing. Now the issue of a ‘voice’ and a treaty is being raised yet again and I hope that all that weight of resources which went into the ‘same sex marriage’ - ‘it’s all about inclusion’ subject will manifest on behalf of those who have truly been excluded and denied their proper place within our society.

As it stands and as of this day our present Prime Minister has again dismissed the idea of a referendum.