'back in the day'

Darwin’s ‘Origin of Species’ isn’t an easy read. Thankfully I could turn to the chapter named ‘Difficulties on Theory’ in which Darwin attempts to deal with the issue of intermediate species – evidence of which there is a lack. I don’t accept his idea that there would be less numbers of intermediate species therefore the evidence of their existence would be correspondingly meagre. It’s possible but that’s all. Not a fact but only a possibility.

I don’t dispute that evolution takes place over aeons of time but, regarding humanity, we don’t have the missing link – from Ape to Man.

The other chapter of interest to me is named ‘On the Imperfection of the Geological Record.’ I’ve yet to read it.

It doesn’t follow that those ‘aeons of time’ were uneventful but the idea of Uniformitarianism had recently been proposed prior to Darwin’s work. This was the theory that all geologic phenomena may be explained as the result of existing forces having operated uniformly from the origin of the earth to the present time.

The evidence doesn’t support this idea. Just in terms of catastrophes occurring within the 150,000 year general acceptance of mankind’s existence, I’ve found this – courtesy of Randall Carlson.

This is ‘climate change’ on a grand scale.



Randall’s work appears to coincide with Velikovsky’s evidence of a cataclysmic past.

This strikes a discordant note with a solid thread within religious thought – that God shows His displeasure with mankind’s behaviour by hurling fire and flood in an indiscriminate manner. Why can’t it just as easily be explained by natural causes. Whatever God may be, surely such a creative force could find another way of wiping the slate clean.

The image of snap frozen mammoth elephants comes to mind. Found in Siberia, these beasts froze so quickly that there is no time for decomposition and foliage of temperate vegetation is found in their mouths and stomachs.

That’s instant climate change.