behind a curtain, not far away ...

I’d rather read Velikovsky’s ‘Worlds in Collision’ than read John Perkins’s ‘Confessions of an Economic Hitman.’ Both deal with earth shattering events, both became worldwide best sellers yet are still peripheral to mainstream consciousness.

Sanctions are placed on countries which refuse to submit to the ‘national interest’ of America, China or whoever has the power and sanctions are then used to starve a nation and thus be able to say … ‘See how they’ve ruined their country – time for regime change.’

It’s brazen and corrupt and only one thread of the material world.

I’d prefer to watch Praveen Mohan’s incredibly detailed work on Indian temples and relatively ancient history than watch James Corbett’s ‘Century of Enslavement’ – actually I watch both because I can and they’re both important.

I hope the fabric of the corrupt version of the material world unravels by the simple expedient of pulling on just one of the threads. What can I say but that it works for me.

It’s not a matter for depression but one of education – my ongoing education. One never knows quite where that will lead but certainties long held dissolve and unlearning takes place.

I remember the weapons of mass destruction – the ones that didn’t exist but we went to war anyway.

Well … I didn’t but my country did. Importantly, those who beat that drum will not place themselves in the front line under any circumstance and if that doesn’t give a soldier pause for thought, it ought.

The weapons of mass destruction also include mass distraction with gee whiz but weaponised technology.

But you know all this or you don’t, see the tapestry complete with threadbare patches or …

The reasons that many people are taking to the streets are varied but the fact that people take this action at all indicates a huge dissatisfaction with the status quo.

The story of The Emperor’s New Clothes is ultimately a positive story.

Whether it ends well is another story but truth first.

It’s almost Spring like here, cold at night but pleasant during the day. The garden is happy, bulbs shooting greenery, flowers to follow, snow drops beneath the TreeFerns and with Mandarins unexpectedly ripening on the tree. It’s unseasonal, we normally are in the grip of freezing winds for the month of August. I don’t put it down to CO2 levels - perhaps the solar cycle has more impact.

A video about cosmology from the electric universe perspective below.