changing perspectives

I found out recently that the word ‘idiot’ originally goes back to Greece and days of early democracy. It referred to those citizens too apathetic or too ignorant to be bothered to vote.

The word ‘fool’, almost always used as an insult, isn’t seen that way in early Chinese thought – a fool referred to an inexperienced youth and was a statement of fact, no emotional tone involved. I like that perspective, somehow it’s given me both hope and humour. Perhaps it’s also true that one can be a ‘fool’, in the sense of being inexperienced within a particular field of study, at any time within a life – again, with no sense of negativity involved.

So it is for me in respect to … so very much.

Yesterday was shorts and tee shirt weather, bushfires raging further afield but glorious here albeit a severe lack of rain. At dawn today and a silent white transformation of the garden is revealed with Treeferns and flowers bowing down to the snow.

I found Al Gore’s ‘An inconvenient Truth’ in an ‘Op shop’ recently and as it’s where the CO2 issue gained great traction I thought it worth revisiting. I wonder how many who are rightly alarmed at ‘Climate Change’ have done likewise. If I hadn’t known that Roger Revelle, the mentor of Al Gore, had become increasingly uneasy about the place of CO2 within the ‘Climate Change’ debate … hmm … it was once known as ‘Global Warming’ … anyway, Roger recanted, Al Gore called him senile and I watched a slickly presented DVD in which … we should all by now be dead, fried or frozen.

That huge patch of rubbish floating like an obscene island in the Pacific Ocean sums up the need for real action on mankind’s stewardship of the planet.

There are two ‘understandings’ of cosmology which actually impact on our understanding of climate here on Earth. The current view doesn’t allow for the universe being electric. The evidence is there to support the electric view, the planet Mars is covered with features the formation of which can be replicated in a laboratory using plasma. Comets routinely turn out to be composed of rock rather than being the ‘dirty snowball’ present day cosmology continues to name them.

The point being that scientific knowledge gets superceded as discovery is made. Equally obvious is it that those who’ve made a living from the older understanding may well find their life’s work turn to dust. Small wonder that many resist, lose any scientific objectivity and actively engage in deceit in order to maintain their position.

This happened to Velikovsky in the 1950’s and so it continues and didn’t end with Galileo’s persecution five hundred years ago. Conspiracies existed then just as they exist now and the word ‘theory’ wasn’t added to ‘conspiracy’ – the facts lead where they will.

The CO2 aspect of Climate Change is a money making scam.

Globalisation, a New World Order, a cashless society, the 5G infrastructure being put in place to facilitate the ‘internet of things’ for which we’ll all need a smart meter – these are real issues of the day for those not in abject slavery.

Civil disobedience is the result of policies which haven’t worked.

James Corbett – a delight to listen to – talks with Catherine Austin Fitts in the video below.