darkness and light

James Corbett researches, presents and educates me in a way in which the history I vaguely learnt at school never did. I share one of his videos here because I can and it matters.

Meanwhile the banking system here in Australia continues to be scrutinised and to be found wanting in ethics – as one would expect.

If it weren’t for the fact that this system either enslaves us or allows us to become part of a debased financial dance I wouldn’t bother mentioning it. Not that long ago Woolworths – ‘the fresh food people’ - were taken to task for owning many of the ‘one armed bandits’ which litter our clubs and pubs. That mild howl of outrage was immediately stilled when a smooth talking operator mentioned the fact that our superannuation funds invest in Woolworths.

That fact doesn’t make it all o.k. and I mention it because it perfectly illustrates the way in which we are given little choice but to use the financial system we now have but which wasn’t always in existence.

The head of the Chinese nation makes the point that housing is for living in and not meant as an investment even though China has many ghost cities brought about because investment in real estate is as popular there as everywhere else.

Donald Trump wants to continue selling weapons to Saudi Arabia because if the Americans don’t, the Russians or the Chinese will – it’s the drug dealers pragmatic and lamentable approach to business.

Well – please cease talking about freedom, democracy and the other virtues which aren’t in evidence at home or abroad.

It’s not all gloom and doom. To talk of spiritual forces sounds hollow when darkness prevails but those forces are real and I’ll leave it at that.