did anyone call 911 on 9/11?

There are millions alive now for whom the events of 9/11 are history. If you were a child in 2001, you’d be perhaps, now, no older than your early twenties. If you were a child then, your parents would probably have kept the anguish of those days from your innocent minds.

The sad truths of those days are that very few saw the events unfold in quite the same way I did. Coming home, late at night, from an evening shift here in Australia, I’d turned on the 24 hour news channel just after the first plane struck. It was the morning there and the night here. The news services were focussed on that first tower and the terrible accident which had just occurred. Then the second plane struck and all knew that it was no accident.

Shock and awe set in and few watched as I did, for hour after hour, as the towers fell into their own footprint at close to freefall speed and, thus, fell by controlled demolition. It’s basic ‘Laws of Physics’ that freefall can only occur if all impediments are removed. It’s as simple as that. But ‘shock and awe’ displaced critical thinking.

Then a forty seven story building, Building Seven, within the same complex – not hit by any plane – also collapsed at freefall speed into its own footprint.

Hour after hour I watched as the Pentagon got hit, as a plane went down in Shanksville, as Larry Silverstein got interviewed about Building Seven and let slip that the decision had been made to ‘pull it.’

I really did think, in that first day, that it would be only a day or so before America and the world asked the hard questions.

It didn’t happen. Even now most Americans don’t know that there WAS a Building Seven. To this day, not one photograph of a plane hitting the Pentagon has been made public.

What – no cameras around the Pentagon?

For years I’ve followed the research of the many Architects and Engineers who dispute the official story. They’re not the only ones who raise questions but the truth is unpalatable and few have the courage to accept that a monstrous conspiracy did, in fact, occur.

The very word ‘conspiracy’ cannot be uttered without ‘theory’ being added to it however conspiracies have always existed just as secrets are kept – sometimes for good reason – but no-one talks about ‘secret theory’, it sounds as absurd as it actually is.

It was from those events that the wars in the Middle East started, continue to this day and result in societies being utterly destroyed and wave after wave of homeless refugees pouring into a Europe that can scarcely look after itself.

It mattered then and matters now. The video below examines the planes rather than the buildings. Perhaps the information is new to you.