does it matter?

What I believe has limited effect upon the world around me. I understand that ‘Love your neighbour as yourself’ and ‘Do unto others as you’d have done to yourself’ are the entwined foundations that point the way in which to live – the other way is ‘Every man for himself’ with all the horrors and evil implied.

You don’t have to be a Christian to understand this. You don’t need to have faith one way or the other but for those in power and for those who seek power what one believes can and does have profound effect on the world around them.

As part of my ongoing education it matters that I listen to many voices whether I agree or not with what those voices have to say.

Through all of my lifetime the Palestinians have suffered while Israel makes pretence at peace while stealing land and treating their neighbours as sub-human. Far from being a light to the world Israel brings deceit and darkness yet Israel doesn’t represent ‘The Jews’ any more than the Pope represents Christianity or those barbarous thugs of ISIS represents Islam.

Various U.S. Presidents mention a New World Order not with caution but as a desirable aim for the world. In order to achieve such an aim and because the populations of nations will not willingly give up their sovereignty it serves the purpose to make life so difficult and to create such division within society that a point is reached when a New World Order appears better than the sorry state the world finds itself in.

Our parliament here has a maximum three year term – barely enough time to settle in let alone achieve anything. Plans for new world orders are cross generational and thus time is almost irrelevant in the achievement of that aim.

One of the voices to whom I listen when it comes to current conditions in the world is Steven Ben Nun of the Israeli News Live youtube channel.

The idea that Israel belongs to the Jews is a religious idea and not a political idea. Zionism is a political and not a religious force and is perhaps a hundred years old. Zionism had no interest in waiting for ‘God’ to bring the Jews back to ‘The Holy Land’ and so we now have the Zionist State of Israel – an entity which many orthodox Jews oppose as being contrary to God’s will.

I place a video with Steven Ben Nun and Christopher Bollyn below this piece.