drawing attention to origin energy - fracking in australia

I don’t know to what extent fracking is appearing in your country but here, in Australia, it occurs. Origin Energy are close to starting exploration if they get the permission of our Northern Territory Government.

I don’t write submissions but every voice counts at this moment for this particular matter so I’ve added my voice to a ‘getup.org’ campaign with the following objection. It’s nothing spectacular but just common sense to my mind.

“Using Google Earth and zooming in to the mid west of the United States ones sees the breath taking extent of the fracking industry.

There are hundreds of thousands of these wells. Not only are they in areas of minimal human habitation but are placed in orchards and close to suburban fringes.

The ground itself is perforated like cheesecloth and this goes on through county after county and State after State.

The extent of fracking has made the United States energy rich. It comes at a cost, much of which cannot be calculated.

The process, we are told, uses ‘waste water’ to extract the gas. It’s not waste water, it’s chemically laden water which logically permeates the ground and eventually must contaminate the aquifers upon which the country relies for fresh water.

Once this occurs there is no remedy to fix the problem.

‘Experts say ….’  Experts will say whatever the paymaster demands. Couple this with ‘Money talks and bullshit walks’ and it’s no wonder that fracking has been so embraced not only in the United States but in many other countries.

Here, in the north of Australia nicely ‘out of sight - out of mind’, Origin Energy – no doubt the ‘clean energy people’ – are about to invade the lands of tribal people. Only one exploration well, if the Northern Territory Government allows it, but if the first is promising then Origin will not stop there.

‘Invade’ is a strong word to use but that’s the truth of the matter when the tribal elders themselves, the guardians of that land, vehemently oppose this application.

I add my opposition to theirs.”