enough to make my head spin - oh - that's cognitive dissonance

‘Cognitive dissonance’ – there’s a phrase to roll around your mouth and mind. The catechism of my childhood religious upbringing was an ‘I believe …’ recitation. While I don’t remember it now, it served the purpose of any recitation done over and over again – you believe it, don’t question it … it must be true.

‘Quantitative Easing’ is another phrase which, when I consider what it’s meant to mean, is ludicrous. It actually describes very little – the easing of a quantity? What’s that supposed to mean? It applies to the printing of money out of thin air, with nothing to back it up but it can’t be stated in such a manner without raising questions such as …. how CAN money be printed out of thin air with nothing to back up the value?

Makes more sense to say that Quantitative Easing is what happens when you shift your weight while sitting. Perhaps it’s then a truthful expression in the sense that ‘while you were shifting your weight and otherwise occupied, money got created with nothing to back it up…. we eased a restriction.’

Eased a restriction for who - who benefits? Why should a bank be of more importance than the people it serves and without whom there would be no reason to exist.

The point being that Central Banking, privately owned and operating with fiat currency – another way of saying ‘of no substance except by virtue of belief’ – is become the monster which enslaves nations and, it seems, few even know that this is a fairly recent system.

What I’m left with after a lifetime of half truths and downright lies is an ‘I don’t believe ….’ list, manifesto, creed.

As a general rule, everything in the political world is suspect, suspect in the narrative and subject to context.

‘Jolly good show to Britain.’ and their Prime Minister states with absolute conviction and stiff upper lip accent that the culprits have been indentified in respect to the ‘Boys Own’ type story - so popular in that realm in the fifties and sixties of the last century - and which, in this case, ‘proves’ that the Russians did it. To get rid of an old and useless spy, left over from the Cold War AND his innocent daughter the Russians used a nerve agent that the ‘intelligence world’ knows was originally a Russian concoction. Hmm … do the British have a copy? I’d expect so.

Ah – if I were a Russian and I thought that old spy should, could and would be better off dead then why not arrange an accident, something that can’t easily be traced to ….. the Russians. It makes no sense by which I mean it’s nonsense except in the wider context which is, of course, focussed in Syria, at the moment, and finds  obvious need to continue to demonise Russia, an ally of the legitimate government of Syria.

There’s hardly any country in the Middle East which hasn’t been subject to ‘freedom fighters’, ISIS and the like and had their societies dismembered and left to rot.

Syria is teetering as Idlib becomes the last rebel stronghold to take a stand against the Syrian army. But, surely this isn’t correct. What’s the narrative – hooray for the rebels? Gee Whiz and that sounds like ‘freedom fighters’ and ‘Jolly good chaps’ and – perhaps not, perhaps terrorists. What’s in a name? Plenty. There may well be rebels but, more to the point, Idlib is where ISIS and the like are holed up for battle. So why are the U.S. and Britain suggesting to Syria and Russia that it would be a mistake to attack Idlib. Deadly war games with real consequence based on a lie going back to those ‘weapons of mass destruction’ - which didn’t exist – and ah – likewise Syria and alleged use of chemical weapons. Why on earth would the legitimate ruler of Syria use such tactics when they’re winning the war. A slow process and not helped by the western powers that be. Libya ruined, Iraq – is it in much better shape? The list of countries which ‘The Project for a New American Century’ slated for regime change, all those years ago, is almost fulfilled. Thus the aims stated in that document became official U.S. policy. Why it’s deemed necessary is a demented exercise in the excesses of power, of Empire.

And Israel gives arms to those very terrorists whom we’re all supposed to be fighting.

I’ve revisited the book and film version of 1984 with its three, constantly warring, global super powers and it’s not being gloomy to see which way the wind blows.

‘Cognitive Dissonance’ happens for me when ‘regime change’ is constantly the battle cry of … the allies? Hold on … this is my government. Who the hell gives one country the right to forment, to incite change of government in another country?

‘My enemy’s enemy is my friend.’ – a statement to make my heart sink but the way things are, reality for many.

In ‘Alice through the looking glass’ the White Queen says words to Alice regarding the lack of logic or sense when dealing with the issues facing adults. To paraphrase, ‘Silly child, don’t you know that I easily digest a half dozen contradictory things before breakfast.’

I don’t believe in Santa Claus, the tooth fairy, or in most politicians. Nor do I accept that the mainstream media is anything more than a mouthpiece to distract. Why are we still in Afghanistan?

Freedom? Sounds hollow to me. A great deal of mineral wealth in Afghanistan sounds a more likely reason. Oh yes – there’s also opium.