'every breath you take - I'll be watching you.'

So much outrage expressed in these unbalanced times. No need to pick a cause, there are too many and if that isn’t cause for concern then it’s worth remembering the social contract by which I mean the unspoken but real understanding between those who govern and … the rest of society. Unrest, unease and perhaps revolution is the end result of ignoring the responsibilities inherent within that social contract.

Anywhere between slavery and opulence is where most of us stand and it’s always been so if fractured history is to be believed. Nothing much changes.

Still, that’s according to a view of the rise of civilisation which accepts that there was nothing remarkable, created by man, prior to the end of the last Ice Age – roughly 11,000 years ago.

Gobekli Tepi predates that time and wasn’t put together by Stone Age Man.

Then there’s the Great Cycle of approximately 26,000 years … not the only cycle and begs the question – isn’t that a long time to hold together such knowledge.

“Knowledge of the Cycles of Time, the primordial ancient metaphysical wisdom found in the Sanskrit texts, reveals a more precise and deeper insight into our ancient origins. Beginning in 3012 B.C. we have been living in the Kali Yuga. For the past 6000 years - all of written history - our ability to 'see' and to know has been limited to five-sense perception. Our consciousness is literally been cooked by time into delusion and confusion. Everything we know is veiled in a miasma of amnesia. We have not only forgotten our past and our real origins - we have forgotten who we are.

The 4 Ages are:

1. The Satya or Krita Yuga, a Golden Age

2. The Treta Yuga, the Age of Ritual

3. Dvapara Yuga, the Age of Doubt: Man loses the sense of the Divine Reality of the world and grows away from natural law

4. The Kali Yuga, the Age of Conflict and confusion began in 3012 BC and will end with the nearly total devastation of the present humanity

When you study the Hindu theory of the Cycles of Time and the yugas, you will find a confusing divergence of opinion concerning the dates of their duration. Considering that we are now living in the Age of Confusion, the Kali Yuga, it is not surprising to find so much disagreement on these matters.”

Thanks to ‘Ancient Origins’ for that quote.

Many sources coinciding with evidence of previous civilisations which I don’t need to list.

There’s always an Emperor, a King, some such strong man maintaining power and perhaps it’s the quality of the advisors surrounding that leader which tends to dictate the strength or otherwise of the Empire and of the social contract which holds it together.

The Chinese civilisation holds real interest for me. It gives us the I Ching and other spiritual sources of nourishment. Chinese Emperors have had that source by which to guide their actions for a few thousand years and more – whether they’ve used that source or done so to good effect is another matter. British Emperors, Roman Emperors and the more recent American Emperors have had no such equivalent source of wisdom although that idea is probably open for debate.

Apart from ‘the news’ which has little to say about China, I look to China Uncensored and Serpentza to give me their unique and differing perspectives on today’s China – the one which now has a ‘social contract’ with a personal score which rises and falls depending upon ones public and personal behaviour and therefore has the nightmarish overtones of dystopian futures as made clear by novels such as 1984. Complete control and in ways no Emperor ever had at their disposal.

It’s a shame that Serpentza, a man who lives in China, speaks the language, is married to a Chinese woman and presents honest, thought provoking, sincere and respectful videos is coming under attack by a mentality common in every country – any criticism is taken as a personal attack upon the nation … this pretend patriotism is a scoundrel’s excuse for rage.

Funny that … back to the outrage I started with. The social contract in China is not the social contract one would hope to live with, although I don’t doubt that it’s coming worldwide. I’ve been fortunate enough to live in societies where the level of corruption is relatively low and where such notions as freedom of expression go hand in hand with a government which taxes but uses those resources to provide education, health care and the infrastructure which is needed for society to function. This requires a law which is fair and is applied.

The other side of the coin is that this present day social contract comes drenched in the blood of previous generations and on the wealth of plundered nations. Everything is connected and thus karma is real eventually affecting nations as equally as individuals.

Serpentza’s experience in China is mirrored elsewhere when Israel is criticised for its actions. It’s not an attack on ‘The Jews’ - it’s a criticism of government policy. It’s mirrored when the U.S.A. meddles in the affairs of other nations and is criticised for it – ‘regime change’ brought about regardless of the will of the people concerned. Government policy is criticised not the character of the population.

While the Sultan of Brunei provokes outrage with the introduction of Sharia Law … and it’s officially back to the stonings and cruel punishments so prevalent when Christ walked the earth so the confusion about ‘right and wrong’ continues and, of all things, it’s Sting’s song so beloved by so many as to use it in a wedding march – ‘Every breath you take’ which comes to mind. It’s perceived as a love song but in actuality it’s a song about a stalker …. ‘you belong to me’ and not ‘you belong with me’ … a vast difference to my mind, the first a possession, the second a relationship.

‘Every breath you take – I’ll be watching you.’

Sign of the times.