fire, flood, maintaining a balance

Drought covers much of Australia while a small town fights a battle which common sense suggests shouldn’t exist.

“Every week, water miners pump hundreds of thousands of litres of groundwater from beneath the tiny town of Stanley in the Australian state of Victoria. They then truck it away to be bottled and sold by one of the world’s largest beverage companies: Asahi.( Owner of Schweppes.)

There are no rivers in Stanley. Groundwater is all they have to maintain the fruit and nut orchards which have been the town's livelihood for over a century.

 The community of Stanley is fighting to protect their water from corporate greed but they need help.”

 There is a petition which I’ve signed – don’t know quite how to provide that link but it can be found. As much to the point is, how is it possible that this can occur? There couldn’t have been community consultation.

 When it comes to travel, which many would love to do but don’t have the resources, I’ve been watching Praveen Mohan’s wonderful Phenomenal Travel videos. The attention to both detail and history throughout India is a delight. Brien Foerster does much the same with South America and the Middle East. It all contributes to the sense of wonder which is all too easy to lose. China remains a mystery and I wish there were a Chinese version of Praveen or Brien to unveil that country. Its civilisation has given us the I Ching which, in turn, has given me much to contemplate and to help when it comes to developing my character – ongoing of course.

 Cliff High and his ‘Half past human’ insights don’t much interest me when it comes to bitcoin and the like – too academic a subject if one doesn’t have the resources - but the man’s range of interests and sense of humour is … nourishing.

 The Satin Bower birds, the King Parrots, Eastern Rosellas, Magpies and Currawongs fly in most mornings to drink and bathe in the small fountain, to eat a bit of seed and to delight my spirit. I’ve got the water to keep the garden alive and, eventually, the rain will arrive, hopefully in gentle fashion rather than flood.

 Architects and Engineers for 9/11 Truth keep alive that subject with online seminars which continue to show, in detail, how the official story doesn’t compute. I’ll put one of their videos below.