freedom of expression

The Ministry of Truth is working overtime. Propaganda works brilliantly and within a generation, common traditions, common understandings are replaced. If you weren’t alive at the turn of the century then history is become a mixture of ‘The Matrix’ and ‘Mad Max’ with 9/11 a distant issue, lost in time, and constant war today’s reality.

And we’re told that everything is fine apart from …. make your own list of acceptable major issues demanding attention.

In Australia it’s the plight of Israel Folau which encapsulates the inherent contradictions where the issue of discrimination is at stake.

A brilliant sportsman who holds to a Christianity practised in the Pacific Islands. Within this Christianity, it’s clear that part of the message requires repentance from a variety of behaviours which give an option of heaven or hell. He stated this message on social media and has suffered an immediate reaction in which his job is lost, contracts broken and so on.

The problem I have with all this outrage and vitriol is that the very idea of free speech is smothered by cries of ‘discrimination.’

Israel comes across as a humble man and I wish him well. He is not some ISIS beheading brute nor is he advocating violence – he is, in fact, stating the truth as he sees it. Nothing more.

And what is wrong with that? There’s no hatred in the man. Debate him rather than debase him.

It’s an unattractive aspect of life in this gee-whiz world that character and personality are seen as interchangeable. Huge distinction when – if character is the cake then personality is the icing.

And if free speech ‘has its limits’ then who decides and if it comes down to commonly accepted conventions look how quickly and easily they change.