it wasn't smart but it did affect my health

I wrote the following a few years ago. Now 5G AND smart meters are being rolled out across the world. I'm not attached to devices and there is no benefit to those of us who don't see this as a positive move for mankind. The video below this post is worth the watching.

How’s your health? Not an academic question for me. I’ve been subjected to an experiment in which I had no idea that I was a participant. This makes the results more credible from a scientific viewpoint so I pass on my experience.

I’m in my early sixties and have had little reason to consult doctors or to be prescribed medication. I’ve lived in the same home for twenty years and more. Enjoyed good health, love my garden.

It started with mild dizzy moments, ringing in the ears and not much more but enough to make one wonder.

Over the next month, these manifestations got worse until I had a few ‘turns’ where the effect was similar to having the power disconnected from within myself. This isn’t poetic licence - I dropped to the floor and thought ‘This could be it.’ It took more than a few minutes to recover enough to be able to move.

Three of these episodes was enough to take me to the doctor where many tests were done, all of which showed me in good health.
‘Puzzled.’ was the diagnosis.

It was after these tests that I had cause to go to the electrical meter box, situated on the other side of my bedroom wall, and found that the analogue meter had been replaced with a smart meter.

I didn’t recall being notified or asked about this and did some small research which indicated that the symptoms I’d been experiencing are common amongst those subjected to EMF radiation.

I rang my electricity provider and got through, eventually, to a technical person who confirmed that I did indeed have a trial smart meter but that its output could not possibly be related to my health issues as the output was far too low to have such impact.

My response was to the point. “Your assurances mean nothing to me. I’m the one with the unexplained health issues. Where are the studies done showing the long - or even short term - studies which show no health issues? You don’t have any - they haven’t been done.... there hasn’t been time for them to be done.”

His response was surprising.
‘If you have health issues we’ll send a technician, at our expense, to degut the transmitting capacity.” He did add words to the effect that the problem of smart meters would eventually be all around me.
The transmitting capacity of mine is gone and I was here to see it done. My health has improved considerably. I have other issues with smart meters apart from health but in that respect the results are clear to me.
Smart meters are unhealthy. No company has the right to attack my health in such a sly and devious manner.

I now have take battle to my gas supplier or rather the company which owns the network which supplies the gas.

I’ve been sent a letter by Jemena - an aboriginal word which means ‘to hear, to listen’ or so their recorded message states. They don’t answer. They don’t respond to email.

I google them, find that Jemena are a smart meter ‘portal’ and then I do a quick phone around to establish that Katoomba may well be the first of our local communities to have smart technology rolled out.

My next action is to borrow a form letter found on the stopsmartmetersvictoria  website - a ‘Notice of Objection’ which I changed to suit local conditions and sent by registered mail to Jemena.

Kept a copy and laminated it and will place it next to the meter box.
Sent a letter of concern to the local paper.

Next action is to write this in order to share experience on the subject.