nurture or nature

Nurture or nature? …. ‘I was born this way’ sings a passing pop star as if the issue were settled. If nature were the cause and nurture had no influence then why wouldn’t a psychotic, a paedophile or a sadist not croon the same song?

We had a referendum about ‘same sex marriage’ here in Australia just over a year ago. There was no real debate and those in favour cast those against as bigots.

The question itself was not framed as an equal rights issue. If it were framed in a way which allowed for inheritance and legal issues to be the same for both heterosexual and homosexual couples then I would have voted ‘yes’ but it wasn’t and, not content with winning the ‘same sex marriage’ battle, the agenda behind the issue continues to operate and now our education system via the funding for religiously based schools comes under attack. Why? … because gay, lesbian and transgender children may suffer discrimination.

It’s a woeful state of affairs where venom is used in parliamentary debates and ‘discrimination’ has lost its primary meaning and now indicates only a negative.

An issue which I don’t recall ever being raised is that being heterosexual is no easy matter. Easy enough - perhaps but probably not - if you’ve the body of a Greek God but I don’t and the chances are that neither do you. It’s the same for women who like men as it is for men who like women. It’s difficult and the gay/lesbian lobby cannot claim that suffering is their fate as if the same weren’t true for the rest of humanity.

Monty Python’s ‘The Life of Brian’, to my mind, was a profoundly serious and wonderfully funny ‘take’ on the human condition. In no way did it diminish or mock Christ but it did point out the absurdities inherent in the political, cultural and religious institutions of societies both then and now. It would not, sadly, be possible to make such a film today.

One of the characters – a man – wanted to be known as Loretta. After much serious debate during which Loretta explained that he wanted to have babies and was not dissuaded when told that he didn’t have a womb it was agreed that although he couldn’t have babies, through no fault of his own, he could have the ‘right’ to have babies.

Another character murmured that Loretta needed a reality check.

The two minute video below is a reality check.