shocks and aftershocks

Eugenics … a word with strong negative emotional connotations and rightly so if only for the immediate question raised of who decides who lives and who dies.

‘Too many people in the world.’ says my neighbour whom, I’m fairly sure, means no harm to anyone but what if you’re an eugenicist and in power and the fate of the majority of mankind is irrelevant – there being too many people anyway -  common sense would suggest that you don’t betray that view in public.

So I’m not suggesting that there’s a grand conspiracy afoot but rather that various forces are at work in which the end, irrespective of the means, all serve a purpose in which a system is awaiting and being rolled out now in which ‘Brave New World’ and ‘1984’ are intermingled, in which total control of the population is achieved through absolute surveillance of everything we do via a cashless society and a 5G technology designed for warfare rather than some gee whiz society in which our fridge can let us know that we need milk.

And if this 5G technology actually does irreversible harm – there are no studies done to suggest that the whole biosphere is going to happily be subjected to this constant irradiation without ill effects.

Surely this is scare mongering?

When it comes to smart meters of which I’ve written previously, I didn’t know that a trial smart meter had been installed yet got really sick before tracking down the source and demanding that the technician from the electricity provider debug the meter … ‘only the equivalent of having a mobile phone installed within the meter and can’t possibly do you harm.’ says he.

‘Oh really?’ say I, ‘Show me the studies done.’

Since then I’ve discovered that smart meters do have the equivalent of a mobile phone however it pulses – frequently - and it’s too big a topic to follow here.

I suppose the point is that if there are ‘too many people’ then what does it matter if a generation or two is irradiated.

It’s dark and doesn’t rely on any one conspiracy but more on an ignorance or a ‘don’t care’ approach because, surely, the experts would have told us if there were to be a problem.

And if things don’t turn out so well there’s always unintended consequences to blame.

I don’t dwell on these subjects too much but it matters that I educate myself and find the experts, usually derided by other experts, who can, like Barrie Trower, inform me about the history and weaponisation of microwave technology.

It’s winter here, quiet grey skies and rain – very welcome – the parched earth soaks it up. A few winter flowers bloom and bulbs appear. The Magnolia is in bud and will herald the Spring with purple and cream flowers, startlingly beautiful against a smooth grey tree, naked of leaf.

A magnitude 7 earthquake strikes in California and Dutchsince covers the ongoing event. Derided by the powers that be yet I can find no ethical or scientific reason why this should be so.

I place one of his videos below.