there was, once upon a time, consensus

There’s something very biblical about the times in which we live. The divisions between us as individuals threaten to overwhelm our common humanity.  I have opinions as does everyone and I put thought and life experience, evidence where possible, into forming those opinions. I examine tradition and discard what is useless – genital mutilation is one such debased and cruel tradition, slavery is another – and I’m wary about discarding those traditions which have served humanity well enough for millennia such as marriage and the family both of which are quietly attacked by an attitude, now prevailing, a mental shrug of the shoulders which suggests that if it doesn’t work then walk away rather than at least attempt to make it work.

I doubt that George Orwell’s novel 1984 is required reading in China where a social credit score is now in effect. If a citizen doesn’t ‘toe the line’ and behave as expected then the score goes down with real consequence in terms of access to what society has to offer.

I respect China and its tradition but that tradition has, in the past, been underpinned by a spiritual awareness which appears to be as lacking there today as it is here in Australia and as it is in many parts of the world.

Without criticism, without the freedom of speech to voice dissenting opinions we’re all on a slippery slope to a totalitarian system as portrayed in the novel 1984.

‘Hate speech’ is what some hate to hear. Slogans never tell truth – how can they, they’re too short to have meaning. Even Christ’s injunction to ‘Love your neighbour’ and ‘Do unto others as you’d have done to yourself’ needs to be ‘teased out.’ Does ‘loving my neighbour’ mean that I agree with everything they say or do for fear of offending his or her feelings?

No offence meant to China regarding their social credit score - not when social engineering is taking place in Western societies on a massive scale and, yes, it’s all about control. Control of populations and, to that end, control of what we think, feel and express.

You’ll remember when ‘climate change’ was called ‘global warming’ and the one became the other when the figures used to indicate warming were played around with and this became public. No doubt the climate is changing and the wholesale destruction of forests, the pollution of our rivers and oceans and the unrelenting greed of corporations who aren’t held accountable to anyone in any meaningful way contribute to the change but carbon emissions don’t tell the whole story and the fact that there’s a general consensus in the scientific community isn’t of itself of much worth.

There was, once upon a time, consensus that the Earth was flat. Consensus is not what science is based upon. Galileo with his new fangled telescope found planets and horrified the religious and scientific community of the day to the point where he had to recant or die. The consensus was wrong and my point is that there is no ‘scientific community’ where one discipline is aware of what the next is doing, where all are in agreement. There are heretics everywhere and that’s a damn good thing.

We live in an electrical universe where there is a direct relationship between our sun and its behaviour to the planets and of our solar system to the wider galaxy through which we move and are therefore constantly subject to incoming waves of energy. There is as yet no consensus from the scientific community that electrical forces play any part at all within our solar system or within the wider universe – evidence notwithstanding. It stands to reason that our climate would be affected by such forces. It’s unfortunately true that for a scientific paradigm to change those that hold to the old beliefs have to die off rather than what one would hope to be the case – new evidence immediately changes old understandings.

Our financial system is rotten to the core as evidenced by the printing of money out of thin air yet, when it crashes, a cashless society will replace it with little disruption and with most failing to realise that a cashless society carries with it the same Orwellian features that the Chinese social credit score implies.

‘Doesn’t worry me – I don’t do anything wrong.’

In that dystopian Orwellian society anyone who raises objection to the ‘powers that be’ is, by definition, doing something wrong.

It brings me back to that biblical idea that there will come a time when no man is able to buy and sell but that they carry ‘the mark of the beast.’

Anyway, regardless of the trials and tribulations, the flowers bloom, the birds sing and squabble, the garden always needs weeding, I’ve got good neighbours and there’s light amidst the darkness.