trust and the lack of it.

The previous article left here is clear regarding controlled demolition on 9/11 and I haven’t since been moved to write so … I haven’t.

It’s been ‘Mental Health Week’ here in Australia and there’s plenty of reason for the mental ill-health that so many, including me, feel and experience.

‘The world’s gone mad.’ says one elderly woman to another while waiting in a queue. I can’t help but agree. The causes are many but the lack of trust we have in regard to religious, political and financial institutions is paramount.

Royal Commissions into religious institutions reveal paedophilia and cover up. Our banks are revealed to be criminal in their greed. Whether anything really changes is another matter.

I’ve done my research into the origins of Central banks and know that the Federal Reserve is a privately owned bank regardless of the implications of its name indicating otherwise. Why individual nations have given over their right to the control of their own money to private concerns is a sordid tale and one which no Royal Commission will touch but it matters and when this system fails because printing money out of thin air can’t be forever disguised by calling it Quantitative Easing, a cashless system will arrive – something which India is moving towards with biometric detail on every citizen and something that China with its Social Credit System is close to.

A cashless society means that every transaction is tracked and if a citizen is deemed to be a threat to the State then that access to funds can simply be denied.

You don’t have to be a Christian to be familiar with that biblical notion that there will come a time when no man will be able to buy or sell unless he has the ‘mark of the beast.’ Although Science fiction has been an interest throughout most of my life these versions of the ‘mark of the beast’,  social credit scores and biometric data banks weren’t on my radar.

That the universe teems with life or, at the very least, ‘we are not alone’ has always been self evident to me. ‘Self evident’ doesn’t necessarily make it correct but the evidence is there for those who care to look. My own experience of seeing a close up craft is vivid and was unmistakably real. I watch UFO documentaries and there are always sceptics who will mention hallucinations, miss-identifications and even altered states of consciousness as reasons for sightings.

Altered states of consciousness? That’s a fine phrase to use but what does it imply? I don’t know about you but there are moments and experiences which lie outside my ‘everyday’ consciousness but are nevertheless real. To imply that altered states are automatically suspect reduces our life experience to a flat and ‘normal’ existence in which I defy anyone to explain what normal actually means.

Subjective experience, objective experience – both are conditioned by how much of the ‘big picture’ is understood.

The idea of Uniformity suggests that the conditions prevailing in our solar system now have always prevailed. It’s a cosy idea but there’s no proof that this is true and, in the same way, the prevailing idea that the universe is not electric doesn’t appear to hold true – comets are not the dirty snowballs so often mentioned while plasma discharges scar the planet Mars in a way which can be replicated in a laboratory.

The rain falls gently here and is sorely needed. Bedraggled King Parrots sit quiet in a leafless Cedar tree and, if I didn’t know better, I’d call it a parrot tree.