waving false flags

I don’t know, of course, the machinations, the dirty tricks that one country uses against another but there are some things that are fairly well known. That the Americans had ‘Operation Northwoods’ as a way in which Cuba could be attacked is well known. That ‘The Project for a New American Century’ was a reality and required regime change throughout the Middle East – and which is still occurring – explains a great deal.

That Britain sells arms to Saudi Arabia is well known. That Israel attacked the U.S.S. Liberty is also known. My point is not that these countries are inherently evil in intent but that ‘false flags’ are part of the way in which nations operate. ‘Freedom’ has nothing to do with any of it.

If Russia wished to kill some ex-spy, common sense would suggest that it be done in a quiet and simple manner and not by the use of a nerve agent which could easily be traced back to its country of origin.

If, on the other hand, Britain had reason to smear Russia then the use of a nerve agent which, no doubt, Britain has stocks of would serve the purpose.

When Syria was accused of using chemical weapons, where was the proof that the Syrian government would employ such a stupid tactic against its own people and in a war in which there was prospect of success? There was none. But the idea that Syria did the deed did sway public opinion elsewhere and served other purposes.

Russia, due to the Soccer World Cup, has been seen by most as a pleasant country with as decent a people as one would find anywhere on the planet so what purpose would it serve for Russia to …. ah well … no doubt you can follow this train of thought.

False flags and a need to demonise an enemy are very much part of the way things are. As to why our governments continue to buy into this woeful approach to world affairs is another matter but as the truth about 9/11 and the truth about the Federal Reserve and our system of Central Banks is ignored with absolute indifference by both governments and media then perhaps the answer lies in self preservation regardless of the cost.

‘My Country - right or wrong’ is an odious sentiment. If the government is wrong then changing it doesn’t alter the country itself nor the people but it does change the direction.

I know this is all very simple but I’m fed up with false flags and fake news while life gets tougher for most and with no good purpose served.

Bit of an afterthought but false flags are part of the beautiful game too - which soccer certainly is - and it's only by the scrutiny of the various cameras that these are now being picked up.

'Scrutiny' - word of the day.