which way the wind blows

Went looking for a dooverlacky this morning.

It’s the thingamegummy with a small swinging arm by which an ill fitting fly screen door catches onto the door itself. Not easy to find but eventual success when I found the ‘enlightened one’ at the cathedral like barn of a hardware store. So I ask him for a whatchumacallit … and describe its function.

It’s always good to find an expert, someone who knows by decades of experience that a dooverlackie, in this instance, translates to a ‘Screen Door Catch.’ Simple if you know. I left the high priest well satisfied with the beauty of the English language.

Ah, discombobulation. Enough of hardware thinking and time to plant Butternut pumpkin which makes a creamy and delicious juice and also cherry tomatoes, they need no invitation.

I don’t know if any of the 9/11 remembrances, questions without answers, and – no – I’m not being paranoid except in the sense that one needs to be – flagrant disregard for the Laws of Physics, freefall, the smoking gun of Building 7. It goes on – that’s the point. The attention to detail falters with an enterprise this vast. The Pentagon – more cameras than one could count but no photograph ever released which shows a plane making a circular hole in the most highly watched building in the area.

It’s evil and hard to get one’s head around, if two planes didn’t bring down three buildings then the inescapable conclusion is that explosives were used and this makes ‘bearded terrorists’ just patsies, only puppets, minor actors in a series of events for which one needs ‘think tanks’ working overtime on every detail. Some details get missed.

Larry Silverstein, the owner of the destroyed Twin Towers complex which included Building 7, did very well financially from that crime. He’s infamous for blurting out on the day of the event, amid the noise and confusion, that due to the loss of life the decision was made to pull the building – Building 7 – and so … ‘we watched it come down.’

‘Pull it’ is an expression used in demolition. It’s specific to that task.

Fine detail just as Larry not going to work in that complex on the day of the attack is fine detail. Just as Larry taking out insurance against terrorist attacks prior to the event was fine detail.

It’s remarkable how lucky that man is. Larry had drawn up plans for a rebuilding of Building 7 in the year 2000 – a year before the attacks.

These are statements of fact – the words of Larry himself on the public record. There’s more and it’s all ‘fine detail’ in which conspiracy is just another word for compartmentalised plan.

Evil is blatant and runs the slippery slope of ‘thick as a brick’ mundane to ‘diabolically clever.’ All it takes is to venture into a world-view in which people are largely irrelevant, in which the exercise of power knows no limits, in which everything becomes a game. And somehow never of unpleasant consequence to the players. It’s all Empire and no different to or from the worst excesses of the Roman Empire. Same actors, different togas.

I have great respect for the culture of China. It’s no great surprise that it has an Emperor again, someone with that ultimate and now lifelong established power on the throne. It’s not a democracy and never has been. The power of life and death while obvious with an emperor is also present in every democracy, in its more shadowy aspects.

Chinese culture, in the distant past, gives us the I Ching, something which has no parallel anywhere and it’s always been of value in the running of an empire and also in the small but important personal matters.

Not to suggest that Chinese Emperors were all loved for fair and ethical behaviour nor that corruption isn’t displayed but they had a source of spiritual nourishment, available to everyone, whether used or not.

I don’t have that sense of respect with the recent British empire, the American empire nor the Roman empire. There has been no remarkable source of spiritual and practical sense for those empires to consult. Instead we’ve had American exceptionalism – an advertising slogan, a nonsense - and the British giving the world very little in exchange for great wealth stolen and the dubious benefit of a ‘stiff upper lip.’

All those empires toppling over, slow falling dominoes, through time and here we are.

The dooverlackey is now screwed in place, screendoor working, seedlings planted in the garden and nicely settling in, the Port Wine Magnolia is fully burst into creamy white cream and purple flower and hums with the energy of industrious bees. The windows are open to Spring. Time to move into a happy garden – giving each TreeFern a haircut. They love it.

‘Closure’ and ‘Moving on’ don’t have much meaning for me. ‘Endure’ is how it often is. Bear that sorrow.