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david griffith - saucepanbach: News

... beautiful event ... - April 23, 2017

... movement everywhere .... - April 22, 2017

A beautiful Autumn day with barely a breath of air to stir the leaves of changing colour. So still as to make easy the thought that the world itself isn’t moving. Such is the deception of the senses which easily assumes that local conditions reflect the conditions prevailing elsewhere -  ‘As above, so below’ isn’t the whole story..... unless, perhaps, we know ‘all’ that is above and what is below. I don’t.

Picture the solar system and, the chances are, that the sun - our local star - sits quiet at the centre while the planets move around that sun in leisurely orbit. All very orderly but far from the truth.

The sun hurtles through space - a space which isn’t empty but filled with charged particles. The sun drags the planets behind it and, as those planets are in orbit, the whole effect is similar to a corkscrew motion. Very different to that placid picture presented in text books.

That interstellar medium itself is not static,  nor do the charged particles which make up that seething space remain the same type of particles. We are mobile as is everything else and just as differing types of stars pour out their energies in various forms, so we are being impacted by differing energies as our star continues on its way.

Meanwhile scores of earthquakes ripple around the globe every day and the pressure released by one earthquake pushes its way along the edges of the fault lines and produces yet another. None of that energy disturbs the leaves on the trees here, in this garden.

But it exists just as the drums of war exist whether they’re heard or not. The financial world - based on fraud - is due for collapse as that game of ‘pass the parcel - it’s musical chairs’ becomes more frantic. How can money be printed out of thin air and this not be the case.

‘Quantitative easing’ - I defy anyone to explain this phrase - a phrase designed to deceive. A large bottom shifting position on a chair - ah - that’s better.

There is no certainty in life, security is an illusion and change - paradoxically - is the only constant. On a personal level, this doesn’t impact upon the values which I hold. Neither should it. Honesty in behaviour allows one to, perhaps, see clearly.

All I mean by that is that dishonest behaviour often indicates a certain unease because unwanted disclosure is an ever present threat thus the events within the wider world are of lesser interest.

Or - it’s all too much. The paedophilia surrounding the corridors of power - church, state and institutional - erupt into the news and then disappear or are labelled ‘fake news.’ They’re not, of course, but power gets used to smother that news and it’s not a subject on which many wish to dwell.

And when it comes to ‘news’, what to believe? Propaganda replaces news and so I must look elsewhere than just mainstream outlets in order to find the difference in outlook or in events not reported in the mainstream. Along the way I find that the old idea of left wing, right wing ceases to have much meaning. Republican, Democrat, Labour or Conservative - lines are blurred but what is clear is that people everywhere have had enough. Had enough of centralised power, had enough of Wall Street manipulation, want their national power returned. Quite what that means is open to question but one aspect of today’s reality is clear - ‘open borders’ is a disastrous policy just as it would be if scaled down to ‘open house.’

Naive to expect that ‘we’re all the same, we’re all equal’ is true beyond an acceptance that we all breath, live and die and have common needs. Beyond that and this equality frays quickly and does so because we don’t all have common values and many of our needs are uncommon. This leads to conflict as it’s bound to do.

It’s ‘values’ which allow such criminal gangs as Islamic State to behead and destroy wherever they go and do so with conviction, with a blind stupidity and a total disregard for the Ten Commandments yet all the while bellowing ‘God is great’ with the same enthusiasm as a gang of football thugs chanting their particular slogan. It’s obscene.

It’s as obscene as the constant regime change called for by America as it seeks to maintain a military presence around the planet.

Trump casually swats an airfield in Syria and sends messages to everyone. Confused messages but this is a man who is so used to lying that he just ignores his lies and blusters through and now threatens Iran. I don’t claim anything but a rudimentary knowledge of world history but Trump has no idea at all. Doesn’t remember how America has already effected regime change in Iran, has already interfered in the internal affairs of Iran because - he never knew. It wasn’t important.

What a Clown and surrounded by the same cabal who advised previous Presidents that their real purpose was to serve Israel’s needs. This is true. It’s woeful but sits snugly with the uncomfortable truth inherent within Judaism that they are chosen and - not necessarily so by implication but generally accepted anyway - that the rest of the world is only here to serve Judaic interest. The Talmud is full of nonsense like this.

Hurtling through an electric universe, vast and teeming with life. Is it teeming with life? Can’t see why it wouldn’t be the case. Particularly so when Earth itself is constantly being visited - as the eyewitness testimony confirms, as my own experience testifies. Doesn’t make me special to have witnessed UFO’s but the event is so unexpected and other worldly that it immediately becomes special. As to why this subject is still considered dubious for anyone of sound mind to pursue is a sad reflection on the mainstream media and a matter of money and power elsewhere.

It’s still a quiet day in the mountains with barely a breath to stir the leaves. I’ll stop here and watch Dutchsinse predict earthquakes on youtube. He talks sense and I love the passion with which he explains the detail of the day with reference to what has already occurred.

It’s excellent but, like much which happens to be ‘true’, has not found ready acceptance by academia.

.... just a reminder ... - April 18, 2017

... on a whim and a prayer ... - April 9, 2017

I don’t know anyone who wants war. Those people obviously exist. Dictator Trump swats an airfield in Syria - just to keep ‘em guessing. What a dreadful approach to world affairs. Whim and a prayer. Both of no substance other than to ratchet up the drums of war.

Robotic voices deliver the news. I don’t mean the talking head commercial news nor do I mean to be dismissive of their bewildered efforts to deliver anything of substance. No - talking about the alternative news sites which use robotic technology to speak the narrative. I can’t listen to it. Pauses get delivered where none should be and my irritation level rises because - perhaps these people think that a mechanical voice somehow hides their identity.

Here’s something which has niggled in my mind for decades. I’m in my mid sixties and ‘Judeo-Christian’ - as a phrase -  was not even faintly on the horizon of my Roman Catholic childhood. I’ve looked as to when this absurd phrase first appears. In the mainstream? Not until the 1970's.

‘Judeo-Christian values’ is another phrase which puzzles me.

To Jews, Christ was a fraud and his followers deluded. Add to that the inherent psychosis in believing that you - for no good reason - are ‘chosen’ and that the rest of humanity are here solely to serve the Jews and you have an answer as to why ‘Judeo-Christian’ has no meaning other than to obscure real meaning.

I’ve nothing against individual Jews - it’s not the issue. No doubt we all share values with Hitler or Netanyahu - or whoever happens to be the bogeyman of the moment. They all liked dogs. What’s wrong with that?

The value I hold dear is rooted in the idea of fair play. This is inherent in Christianity or I’ve missed the point. It isn’t inherent in Judaism. Again - if I’ve missed something here then Israel would not be treating the Palestinians in a way which mirrors every jack booted criminal gang bullying their way to temporary success. Where are the common values? They’re  not there. Another case of the Emperor’s New Clothes - and I see that nakedness. In this case, it isn’t a pretty sight.

To suggest that the ruling class in any western society actually is composed of firm believers in Christianity obviously isn’t true but the concept of fair treatment - or so I believe - is a core belief of those societies.

 Perhaps this is true within Islam and - maybe - ISIS and their clones are no more indicative of Islam than the Inquisition was of Christianity.

The only people who ever wore masks fifty years ago were bandits, bad guys and bank robbers. As an example of those who hide their faces - with good reason - and the Klu Klux Klan comes to mind. They claim to be Christian yet ‘Love your neighbour’ and ‘Do unto others as you’d have done to yourself’ aren’t their guiding principles.

I can’t help but see that Islamic dress code which demands that women are covered head to toe as equally indicative of ‘religion gone wrong’ as is the dress code of the Klu Klux Klan.

Slavery isn’t acceptable in Christianity. Is this true elsewhere.

Yep - I know it’s complicated but get too complicated and words cease to have meaning.

Judeo-Christian-Islamic .... what shared values? No doubt the huge differences within the various factions of Christianity are mirrored within Islam and Judaism.

For me the New Testament replaces the Old Testament. There is no New Testament in Judaism. ‘An eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth’ isn’t replaced by Christ’s message.

Funny thing is that I’m probably as Buddhist as I am Christian - and as I am for the ‘whatever it is’ that precedes and predates every religion and doesn’t need a name.

Anyway - just a train of thought. Quiet Autumn day. Autumn tasks include pruning, cutting back, clearing the undergrowth.

...weapons of mass deception ... er .. what?... - April 7, 2017

Strange how words change in meaning. I can’t think the word ‘regime’ without ‘change’ being added. ‘Conspiracy’ gets married to ‘theory’ but it wasn’t always this way. If the facts indicate conspiracy then there’s no ‘theory’ about it. This is self evident to me but not to others who have similar or greater intelligence.

This is the list of countries in which regime change was deemed essential for the re-shaping of the Middle East - re-shaping so that The Project for a New American Century could become reality.

 Iraq, Syria, Iran, Libya Lebanon, Somalia and Sudan.

This is not a theory but a plan. I suppose it constitutes a conspiracy but it’s quite open in the sense of being in the public domain. Who knows about it? Very few of the intelligent people I know.

In September 2000, the PNAC group released a document titled ‘Rebuilding America’s Defenses – Strategy, Forces and Resources for a New Century’, in which the group discusses the need for the U.S. to assert its military authority around the globe to secure its strategic objectives.

Strategic objectives? Military authority? Nothing about peace or freedom mentioned here. President Carter, in 1980, asserted that the United States would secure Middle Eastern oil and natural gas by “any means necessary, including military force.” and twenty years after that, in the year 2000, and a reason is needed to galvanise the world into war...... a short while later and 9/11 did that. The official story there may still be believed in the heartland of America but I doubt it is accepted so readily elsewhere.

Trump’s air strike in Syria helps ISIS. His gut reaction to babies being gassed isn’t mirrored with the same concern over the paedophilic cess-pit which is woven into the fabric of political life in the U.S.A. - and elsewhere. Too strong a claim by me? Not at all..... but it’s such a hideous subject that most would shy away and retreat into that wonderful world of cognitive dissonance where conflict arousing facts just don’t need to be looked at.

‘Common sense’ - I wonder if it ever was common or if the idea itself is ironic wishful thinking.

9/11 was and is a house of cards. Architects and Engineers for 9/11 truth continue with their efforts to investigate Building 7's collapse.

And I come back to 9/11 over and over again precisely because it is that event which leads directly to the state of the world now.

Meanwhile ... weapons of mass deception walk hand in hand with weapons of mass destruction.... not forgetting mass distraction.

Still - there's plenty to be cheerful about but I won't be making a list.

... and after Syria? .... - April 6, 2017

Apart from retaining a sense of wonder, I’m baffled. ... well .. that was short and sweet.

Youtube and Google have their uses but, as time moves on and my world-view changes, so the control of social media becomes more obvious. That the mainstream news is filtered is obviously true when the commercial news is devoted to the local while political and social upheaval erupts around the world.

Because of this I get my ‘news’ elsewhere - the internet. This is where world-views collide and fake news and truth aren’t easy to separate.  Checking facts used to be what news was about. Don’t write about something without doing the research. That approach is basically gone and twitter replaces thought and Facebook is now censored.

I’ve watched a great deal about what interests me on youtube. One such site that I recently came across belongs to Dutchsinse. His passion is related to earthquake activity and his premise is that earthquakes aren’t random and that pressure follows the fault lines. It all sounds sensible to me in the same way that the electric universe is equally so. Neither of those positions are warmly accepted by the mainstream.

The same mad men who have taken world into the Middle East and into endless war over weapons of mass destruction which never existed, now shake with rage over a gas attack in Syria which serves no purpose at all for the ruling regime. It suits the purpose of the rebels to have such weapons but not those who rule. Why does Trump blame Assad? Is he a moron? Not obviously so, but his grasp of real conditions prevailing, the reasons why those conditions prevail and how propaganda is used, are limited. He threatens retaliation and whose purpose is served? It’s a sad state of affairs when the traditional bogey men of the West are now the most transparent and clear voices raised within the Asylum now masquerading as politics.

To baffled, one could add bamboozled and discombobulated, but none of that’s true. The Project for the New American Century which needs to destabilise the whole of the Middle East, except for Israel, in order to achieve its aims, requires that Syria like Iraq and Libya ... there is a list of countries where regime change is essential .... fall and be replaced by the best democracies money can buy.

It can’t fail to work, can it?

... hope springs eternal .... - March 29, 2017

“Truth is gaining ground” says the latest mail out from ‘Architects & Engineers for 9/11 Truth.’ And it is. Here’s what he says.

“Last week, we learned that our resolution calling upon the American Institute of Architects (AIA) to officially support a new WTC 7 investigation was accepted at the national convention for a third year in a row. Although we found out at the last minute that the AIA now requires a signature from each sponsor, we managed to get 70 of our 225 sponsors to email us their signatures before the deadline.

And so, on April 26th representatives of the AIA’s 90,000 members will vote on whether the AIA should add its powerful voice to the call for a new investigation. In 2015, we won 4% of the vote. In 2016, we nearly tripled our share to 11%. This year, our goal is to triple that number again — and perhaps even win.”

O.K.  - what is being asked for is a new investigation into the collapse of Building 7 - a 47 story high building which was not impacted by any plane on 9/11 but collapsed at free fall speed nonetheless.

As the world in which we all live was - and continues to be -  so deeply impacted by the events of 9/11, why wouldn’t any rational human want answers to the huge numbers of questions which are raised.

It’s precisely when individual investigation proceeds that a list of odd co-incidences start appearing.

It just happens that the U.S. airforce is having a drill that day which prevents any response other than confusion. This is fact. There are pilots by the hundreds who say that they would find it impossible to have flown that flight path into the twin towers. So how is it possible for some middle eastern terrorists with little experience of flying small aircraft to have performed this feat? The short answer is that they couldn’t and they didn’t.

Then there’s the money trail and not just the stock market oddities just prior to 9/11 but who owned the twin towers, how were they insured, who had the security contracts for those buildings and what maintenance work was occurring in the weeks leading up to 9/11.

The Pentagon and the lack of even one image of a plane hitting that building. Not one - why not? Are they not released because of National Security? It would be laughable if it weren’t so monstrous.

It was a gigantic conjurers trick. Yes, two planes hit two towers so why did three fall down. Not just down but - very convenient for rebuilding purposes - into their own footprint. The twin towers were built to withstand attack such as this.

I could continue with such detail as who turned up for work that day and who didn’t, the actual investigations that those people were involved with and who died along with the work, and who benefited.

It is sobering to have to come to the conclusion that many people, at a very high level, conspired to take the U.S. population to war and to drag the rest of the world into continuous regime change. And regime change always involves destroying those same societies and liberating most who survive into becoming refugees.

‘Regime change’ is a Western phrase. Has China called for regime change or invaded anyone recently? Has Iran? Has Russia?

Sad truth is that this is Israel, the U.S. and their allies who talk about the need for regime change.

The most recent film clip I’ve seen regarding 9/11 is the testimony of Peter Ketcham on youtube. It’s had 40,000 views thus far which is encouraging until youtube informs me that the trending subjects on youtube, reaching millions at a time, relate to trailers for upcoming silly movies and not much else.

Hope springs eternal. I don’t know why but I’m glad it does.


.... two planes, three towers - impossible .... - March 28, 2017

...fixed with a cool stare .... - March 25, 2017

The message separate to the messenger. I can’t trust Trump because - it doesn’t really matter why - but I do trust that enough Americans had  had enough of the status quo to want change. Isn’t that what Obama promised? But Trump promises to make America great again.

I don’t know what his message is apart from draining swamps and building walls. It sounds almost solid. Constructive. Perhaps the crumbling infrastructure will be improved. Nations everywhere are building walls and fences across their borders as the homeless and the dispossessed threaten to overwhelm society. Why wouldn’t populations be uneasy and quick to anger. Wanting a ‘strong man’ and a strong man appears.

I like China. Whatever complaints are made, it can’t be an easy matter to keep such a huge society functioning. While Western alliances bring destruction to foreign lands, China invests in infrastructure, also in foreign lands. This isn’t a glossy advertisement for the Chinese political system but democracy is a flimsy cloth in reality and I’d imagine that the present Chinese society is familiar with the substance of what has guided their society for millennia.

Whether it’s a president, king, emperor, or a parliament, someone occupies that position so it’s within  the ‘checks and balances’ that a society prospers - or it fails because there are no real checks and balances.

The United States aren’t united, the United Kingdom is fractured,  the Soviet Union collapses and the European Union is a question mark for the many who welcomed a Common Market but never expected it to become a clone - in terms of centralised power - of the Soviet Union.

America can’t manage to create an affordable health system while many counties, with less resources, have managed that basic ‘right.’ America does well with the privatised prison system in which - to make a viable business - a constant supply of prisoners is essential. Doesn’t take much thought to see how this can be abused.

A society worthy of that name depends upon an educated and healthy population but we’ve moved from that understanding to one in which ‘user pays’ is the determining factor and the word ‘citizen’ is replaced with ‘consumer.’ What a hideous change in perception and even more so because it goes unnoticed.

I’m not a ‘talking head.’ I’m not particularly bright. Just an average human being trying to make sense of that which doesn’t make sense.

Mental illness is a huge issue everywhere and it is acknowledged, programs are put in place, medications offered but who among us is so astute that they can cut through the difficulties which surround our individual lives, our mental and emotional health,  when so many of the ‘ills’ which assail us are a reflection of just how sick our society’s  condition actually is. ... and I live in the lucky country.

I got myself a gun. The grandkids will love it. It’s a ‘you beaut’ water pistol which shoots a jet half way across the garden.

I live on the fringes where traffic noise is replaced by bird song. Wonderful variety and the various behaviours are something to behold. This is their beauty.

King Parrots - unafraid and resplendent with an iridescent green stripe along the wings. They eat the bird seed but aren’t fixated on feeding whereas the pigeons are so intent that they’ll land on each other’s backs without pausing in their meal. The Satin Bower birds, the females camouflaged in their cream and green, the male in black and with blues eyes. Flighty and shy, much like many other birds and they all have their social behaviour.

Sulphur-crested Cockatoo, white, muscular and with a yellow crest on the head - these are the terrorists within the garden. They’re infamous for their penchant for destruction. I’m sure they don’t see it that way as they casually chew a deck, a doorframe or a window sill and  splinter what I hold dear.

But I can’t feed one bird without feeding all. The magpies with their melodic throaty song, fix me with beady intelligent eye and I throw some bread. In swoop all the birds who don’t eat the bird seed while the colourful parrots perch in the trees and quietly wait.

Not only do the Sulphur-crested Cockatoos eat seed and bread but eat the house itself. They are the vandals of the bird world and will tear the heads of flowers just for fun. They look at me from a safe distance as I survey the splintered damage.

‘Get yourself a gun.’ suggests my neighbour and so I did. It’s a bit absurd but a lot better than hurling stones and curses. Ultimately I just want to discourage one species of bird because their behaviour is unacceptable. I can’t change their nature but perhaps I can ‘move them on.’ ..... and it’s uncomfortably echoing of human behaviour.

Anyway, the gun is specific in aim and does no more harm than to startle with water. It works. Doesn’t take long before the other birds recognise that my Star Wars pistol isn’t aimed at them.

And the Sulphur-crested Cockatoos are getting a message about boundaries.

Small victory and it’s great fun to pick up a gun and see that gang take off.

‘May the force be with you!’  Off to the garden while the Autumn sun shines and time to wonder why so much interest is being shown in Antarctica. Perhaps it’s the ice.

.... 'I did it my way' sang the crooner ... - March 22, 2017

‘Love your neighbour’ - in that Christian sense and in the way in which I’ve understood it - can bring out the worst in me.

Not only does it take time, effort and resources, which is to be expected, but - what can I say but - ‘the road to hell is paved with good intentions.’

What prompts this, apart from personal experience, is the stark divisions apparent between people with seemingly, equally good intent - could be my neighbour - and which leads to the rise of Trump and others like him to power. The man lies and thinks nothing of it. He blusters and preens and loves the adulation. Perhaps he will achieve something positive but quite how is a mystery. He is surrounded by the same cabal who have steered Presidents in the desired directions for decades so ‘draining the swamp’ now has no meaning. He is within the swamp which is also the top of the pyramid .... and trickles down through society in a way in which economic benefit never did.

I’m surrounded by good neighbours but not completely so. They help out as needed and while I’ve had a broken foot, shopping has been done for me and real concern demonstrated. I’m recovered now.

‘I did it my way.’ - or so the song would have me believe. It sings to the overcoming of obstacles in pursuit of ‘success.’ But taken to extreme and ‘doing it my way’ easily becomes a way of control - a ‘My way or the Highway’ approach to life. And doesn’t it bring misery to those bound by responsibility or circumstance to such a person and completely unable to take to the Highway because the one demanding ‘My way’ has blocked the Highway.

The swamp that so many Americans, who voted for Trump, want him to drain isn’t just about the mucky abuse of money and power but the paedophilia which runs through so many of the people associated with wealth and power. It’s a hideous subject and it isn’t ‘fake news’ yet it disappears from the mainstream media as if it were.

After a month of record breaking heat we’ve followed it here with three weeks of rain. My rain gauge is a large cylindrical bucket which stands fifteen inches high. I’ve emptied it twice in three weeks so - that’s two and a half feet of rain.

At the Oroville dam in the U.S. a 900 foot high earthen dam with a badly damaged causeway holds back a lake. If repairs fail, millions will be affected and the warnings given about the use of this dam - only approved for ‘interim use’ - will have been ignored with catastrophic results.

Oroville dam strikes me as a metaphor for where we all stand today. And like those who live and work in the towns and cities below that damaged dam, there is no-where to go.

Baalbek, Machu Picchu, Gobekli Tepe, - these are places I’d like to go. Just to visit. These sites beggar belief - and the standard belief is that not much happened before the Greeks and the Romans built some large, magnificent cities. This isn’t to forget the wonders of Egypt but history predates both these cultures and in places like Puma Punku, the massive building works, the accuracy of  the stone cutting and the sheer size of these blocks makes a nonsense of the idea that these works belong to a bronze age culture. So where do they fit in?

The rain here is now just a misty dampness which shrouds the trees, the birds and the distance with a pearl grey light.

In terms of being able to access information about almost any subject, I couldn’t ask for better times in which to live but, of course, some areas are difficult to investigate precisely because the information is hidden for what is undoubtably considered good reason and disinformation is a tool used by those who want to keep things hidden.

Ah - disclosure. Bring it on. Not just with Earthly matters. We’re not alone in the Universe. Strange that any should think otherwise given the experiential evidence constantly being put forward.

Can we handle the truth? - whatever that may be? Why not when the everyday realisations about human nature can be so grim.

..... megaliths and true wonders ... - March 21, 2017

.... making more cents - but not sense ... - March 18, 2017

.... 9/11 will not go away - for good reason... - March 13, 2017

.... earthquake weather ... - February 27, 2017

.... the lucky country ... - February 25, 2017

I suppose I could start with the growing numbers of homeless people who sleep in the local parks. Not just parks local to me - it’s too hot or cold in the mountains for most - but show-grounds and recreation reserves in and around beach front towns. Finding a roof for your head, a shelter, has become impossible for growing numbers of people. There is no answer and never really has been .... ‘supply and demand’ gets trotted out as a reason but this takes no account of a system in which to become ‘lord of the manor’ requires that others become serfs. It’s that old pyramid structure disguised as .... ‘that’s just the way it is’ ... ‘what you going to do about it?’

In terms of the low pay which has attended almost every job I’ve had, having that modest roof over my head has taken blood, sweat and tears plus the thirty years of interest paid to the same ruthless banks who now don’t matter to me. I know about being relatively powerless within the bigger picture but still holding fast to ethics, to that which endures.

The have’s and the have nots. The gap grows to become a gulf and this, to me, is clearly shown by the rise of Uber. My well established relative sees an Uber approach to business as being not just acceptable but a very good idea. I am amazed but not really ... he has never known nor had to work within a system where ‘piece work’ and ‘no benefits’ are all that are offered. It’s a choice which grows starker by the day.

And into this mix is the scourge of drugs like ‘ice’ - something to change the consciousness while ‘no work, no jobs, no hope, no future’ is the daily reality. Mental illness is reflecting the society which spawns it.

Our Prime Minister grins in the public display of brotherhood with that poor specimen of humanity who represents Israel. State visits, strengthening bonds, creating chains.  We share the same values according to our man who mentions ‘freedom and democracy’ but it’s bullshit. The people on the streets recognising Palestine don’t see Israel as a democracy nor somewhere where freedom has any meaning at all.

‘When words lose their meaning, society is in grave danger.’ It sounds self evident in a time where words still have commonly understood meaning but these are not those times.

‘Alternative facts’ ... as a phrase I heard it first when a Trump spokeswoman used it as her rebuttal of the factual information presented by a reporter regarding numbers present at the presidential inauguration. The reporter was rightly incredulous and said that ‘alternative facts’ are a lie - no such thing as ‘alternative facts’ exists. There are facts. And there are lies.

This is significant to me. When words lose their meaning.

I get my space weather from Suspicious Observers - odd name for a factual and informative site devoted to the behaviour of the sun within the context of an electric universe. Earthquake weather comes via Dutchsinse’s site. It’s good to know what’s happening.

For my local weather - I look up and often that works for me. The garden vegetable beds I’ve built because I had the space, now that a tree has been removed, are already showing seed sprouting strong notwithstanding that Autumn starts next week. My broken foot is almost mended, the work and effort was great for building up strength and now - a week of rain is forcast. Excellent.

Alien life and visitation to this planet, to my mind and experience, are a fact. The Speed of Light is known and assumed to be an unbreakable barrier and, thus, travel between stars is unlikely and too lengthy to happen. That’s been the prevailing view. I’d suggest that the fact that aliens ARE here suggests that their technology has found a flaw in our assumptions. That doesn’t surprise me. What does wearily surprise me is that the mainstream media still report on these matters with such a predictable approach - always started with a ‘You won’t believe this ...’ grin. Silly people. It’s not a matter of belief but of knowledge. The craft I saw, many years ago, was so brightly lit up as it passed overhead, that I couldn’t make out the shape. It was silent and gone ... gone where I don’t know. Viewing time - about three seconds. Impression left - a lifetime memory. Beliefs drawn from that experience. None.

People upload their photos and videos of UFO activity and it’s unfortunate that fakes are now so easy to manufacture. Still - doesn’t take much research to see the quality of the reports available. They’ve been there for decades and easy to find. Astronaut testimony, pilots, police - it isn’t a silly subject in which to have an abiding interest. I get a cool weekly update from Filer’s Files for ... er ... alien weather.

Political weather? Storms continuing.

Both the sites reporting on space weather and earthquake weather end their broadcasts with ‘no fear.’ It’s a cheerful note on which to cease.

... the vision splendid, rogue state revealed ... - February 24, 2017

... more than this ... - February 15, 2017

Trump is an ugly man - not because of his looks but because of his casual and distant relationship to truth. He lies and has done so consistently. Still does. Was Clinton any better? No. They are both hideous.

Israel makes its move and ‘gives the nod’ to more settlements on Palestinian land and Trump shrugs and suggests that ‘If they’re both happy about it then One State will do.’  Breathtaking in its deceitful approach.

There’s plenty to loath about what mankind does with religion. What is there to like or appreciate about gangs of thugs masquerading as ‘godly’ when death and destruction are the fruits of their labour.

Judaism is a religion not a DNA configuration. Palestinians have similar genetic marks as those who claim Jewish descent. There’s debate about genetic markers for Jewish heritage but no-one claims Christian DNA nor Islamic DNA .... the idea is absurd. Jewish DNA is equally flimsy.

Earthquake prediction still has a question mark - who can predict where and when an earthquake will strike - but Dutchsinse has been able to use technology to do exactly that and Youtube plays ‘silly buggers’ with his site. Youtube and Google are tools and while I can use those tools, the control is still not with me. My access can be switched on and off and it happens. It happened the other day when I suddenly found that I couldn’t access my subscriptions on Youtube but could if I allowed Google to ‘manage’ my accounts. It was more of a demand than a request and - yes - I could have just said ‘No.’ but I still have need to speak via this and other mediums and ‘the gloves are off’ as far as the powers that be are concerned.

A headlong rush to a smart society with smart meters and smart phones and there’s nothing smart about any of it unless it’s in the grim, black humour of finding it ‘smart’ to be dumbed down and dependent on devices which can save us from needing to be smart.

Ah well ..... it’s a changing world which explains nothing. There was discussion on the radio where the rationalisations for theft were casually batted back and forth. It was a specific form of theft which involves the self serve checkout at the supermarket where the odd error can occur and be discovered later or, alternatively, the item didn’t scan so, after two attempts, it isn’t paid for. Justifications for it not being seen as theft were many but they were still just justifications for dishonesty. I’ll eat a grape in the supermarket if I’m feeling like getting a bunch. If I like the taste I buy that bag and if I don’t - I move on without buying. It’s very simple, I don’t do this with other items and I see nothing wrong with this approach. Being honest is not a legalistic matter.... ‘Theft is theft’ doesn’t tell the whole story.

One caller rang to say that she’s gone back to the supermarket to pay for an item which had somehow slipped through and this was met by the radio host with almost disbelief. He’s an excellent radio host and the caller thought that it was sad to see so much self justification for dishonesty. She was in a minority. She wasn’t being scolding or ‘holier than thou’ .... she just found it sad that, when it comes to values - what values? I couldn’t agree more.

We live or survive in societies based on lies and deceit. Bombarded by commercials which glorify .... crap.... if I don’t have a sound ethical base - and a sound ethical base comes with cost or it doesn’t come at all - then I become a Trump, an Israel, a thief at the supermarket.

... foundations ... - January 24, 2017

Another brick in the wall ... looking at photos of Baalbek and other megalithic structures and marvelling at the workmanship and the questions raised. Not just another brick in the wall.

Been immersed in British history during the centuries before and after Christ. Resourced with ‘The Chronicle of the Early Britons’ - ‘Brut y Bryttaniait’ as translated by Wm R Cooper, I’ve alternated between this history and the wider one presented by Velikovsky.

When it comes to present events, I’ve nothing useful to say so I’ll go quiet awhile.

... bonds of the past ... - January 24, 2017

... resizing Israel .... - January 17, 2017

I can be Anti this and Anti that and it's all fine if I've a just cause ... or think I do. But anti Semite is unpardonable in the public mind. Don't know why as the phrase is meaningless and deliberately obscured.

Judaism is a religion not a race. Plenty can call themselves Semitic without being Jewish. The Jews were thrown out of Israel - by their own admission - and by their God for the falling away from their faith. As God didn’t actually carry out the exile of the Jews from Israel  - it appears that the Romans were adequate to the task - they were then scattered far and wide and were told to live peacefully within the nations which would accept them and remain there until God reinstated the land of Israel.

This is my basic understanding of the situation. Lots of sleight of hand to engineer a favourable result for those who engineer world events.

So it didn't happen in the sense of a God directly intervening and they - not 'the Jews' but Zionist Jews, a political throng - decide to take matters into their own hands. Having laid the foundation for that future state with the British Government of the day, via The Balfour Declaration of 1917 - which promised  the British Protectorate of Palestine to the Jews - waiting for God became unnecessary. Thus - not only to my mind but to those Jews who follow the Torah - Israel has no right to exist. Certainly not to be taken by force.

The Balfour Declaration was a letter dated 2 November 1917 from the United Kingdom's Foreign Secretary Arthur James Balfour to Walter Rothschild, 2nd Baron Rothschild, a leader of the British Jewish community, for transmission to the Zionist Federation of Great Britain and Ireland. It read:

“His Majesty's government view with favour the establishment in Palestine of a national home for the Jewish people, and will use their best endeavours to facilitate the achievement of this object, it being clearly understood that nothing shall be done which may prejudice the civil and religious rights of existing non-Jewish communities in Palestine, or the rights and political status enjoyed by Jews in any other country.”

Anyone ask the Palestinians?

The dishonesty which has accompanied Israel's 'peace talks' with the Palestinians is made crystal clear in the changing map of the borders of Israel since 1948.

Crystal clear notwithstanding the poor resolution of the map concerned.




... trust me ... - January 15, 2017

‘Trust me.’ ... that’s the message from just about everyone. I don’t trust in governments who talk about values without explaining exactly what those values are and how they differ from the values of whoever the current ‘enemy’ happens to be.

I haven’t lived under Russian or Chinese rule but regardless of the prevailing political culture in either nation the fact remains that America’s excursions into the affairs of other nations - in terms of regime change - far exceed that of any other nation.

‘Regime change’ is a particularly Western phrase. No other country, bar Israel, ever uses such a phrase. Neither America nor Israel have done anything constructive by their meddling. Behaving constructively has nothing to do with National Interest. America behaves like a schoolyard bully while Israel pulls the strings and neither are trusted by the rest of the world. Death and destruction attend their every move and talks of peace are absurd.

As Donald Trump has managed to offend just about everyone who actually ‘looks’ at what he says and at the mindset which accompanies such silliness as ‘No- one has more respect for women than me.’ then I have to wonder why he is still alive and for how long he may last in his Presidency. As there’s a much more acceptable vice president waiting in the wings, it’s perhaps one of those situations where it’s ‘win win’ for those prompting a march towards a ‘one world order.’ And if martial law needs to be implemented ....

Donald Trump’s lack of political correctness delights many but he still represents a man with no ethical character. A perfect candidate for the times in which we live. Never apologise even when clearly wrong, attack the messengers of truth, repeat lies until they’re accepted as truth - this is and has been his personal model for success. He is still the small child who operates on a gang basis. ‘Right or wrong’ doesn’t come into it just as it doesn’t for any gang. It’s a loathsome way in which to operate and I come ‘full circle’ to the start of this train of thought - ‘trust me.’   ‘Trust me’ is what has brought us to this point. With no moral compass within our various leaderships, trust me’ becomes blind faith in empty words. A recipe for disaster. I’m not suggesting that moral compass is missing within individuals operating at high level but ‘we’ - as the world - cannot help but be deeply impacted by the new Emperor of America.

I’m adding here the Molmutine Laws - ancient British rules of behaviour. As I understand it, these laws predate Christianity by centuries although what I read now is ‘Christianised’ to my mind.

It’s a righteous way in which to order a society in a fair manner.

    There are three tests of civil liberty: equality of rights, equality of taxation, freedom to come and go.
    Three things are indispensable to a true union of nations: sameness of laws, rights, and language.
    There are three things free to all Britons: the forest, the unworked mine, the right of hunting.
    There are three property birthrights of every Briton: five British acres of land for a home, the right of suffrage in the enacting of the laws, the male at twenty-one, the female on her marriage.
    There are three things which every Briton may legally be compelled to attend: the worship of God, military service, the courts of law.
    There are three things free to every man, Briton or foreigner, the refusal of which no law will justify: water from spring, river, or well; firing from a decayed tree; a block of stone not in use.
    There are three classes which are exempt from bearing arms: bards, judges, graduates in law or religion. These represent God and His peace, and no weapon must ever be found in their hands.
    There are three persons who have a right of public maintenance: the old, the babe, the foreigner who can not speak the British tongue.
    There are three things free to a country and its borders: the roads, the rivers, and the places of worship. These are under the protection of God and His peace.

.... saving grace - in threadbare times... - January 11, 2017

Stopped in my tracks by broken foot and it’s a slow process to heal.

I don’t know what Donald Trump will bring to the world but my instinct immediately conjures up a comparison with Mussolini. Both men strut.

When Britain voted to leave the European Union, my sense of it was that the British were ‘fed up’ with laws being passed elsewhere which directly and negatively impacted on their lives. We haven’t grown beyond tribe and nation and a European Union was not what the British ‘signed up for’ when the Common Market was first proposed.

I think that Americans voted with much of the same deep dislike and mistrust of where our leaders have taken us to as the British.

War and the consequences of war.

My relative immobility hasn’t been a negative event inasmuch as I’ve been able to investigate and collect material about ‘ancient’ British history. Because the Dark Ages don’t give us much in written form I’ve needed to take into account what was happening elsewhere in the world - what civilisations were rising or falling at that time. Thus the collecting of material. Not everyone agrees when it comes to history.

But it’s further back in time than the ten thousand years or so in which mankind moved from hunter gatherer to agriculture which raise more questions for me. Who built the megaliths -  huge walls of gigantic stones, using no mortar and fitted together in such a way that a knife blade cannot penetrate the cracks. The massive blocks of stone used in construction aren’t laid like modern brickwork but more like a jigsaw puzzle full of odd angles which precisely align and make the structure somewhat earthquake proof. They are a marvel. They don’t fit in to what appears to be the timeline used to illustrate the rise of different cultures.

It was in 1995 that Gobekli Tepe started to be unearthed. It predates Stonehenge by six thousand years. This magnificent temple site in Turkey is dated at twelve thousand years old. It doesn’t fit with accepted thinking yet there it is. Built and used and then completely buried, it is remarkably preserved. With the jostling back and forth, by way of  ruthless force, in all the surrounding countries, it’s unknown if it will survive the present turmoil.

Two to three months appears to be the healing time for a broken bone like mine so I’ve time to follow my inclinations and curiosities.

Heatwave conditions prevail here but the Spring growth within the garden has had time to harden up and can withstand a week or so of hot condition. The Tiger lilies have had their day and the Canna lilies rise in their place, spears of pale and bright yellow, reds and orange.

I’m at a point in my life where I can take pause, take stock. Just as well, all things considered. there’s a great deal which needs considering.

‘Horrible histories’ is a program which still runs on t.v. here. It’s very funny apart from any educational value and brings history to life with quirky insights into what was accepted belief at various times.

I wonder if alien races have humour. It’s a saving grace for humanity.

.... uniformity and otherwise ... - December 31, 2016

Much was written and printed throughout the 1800's which became the text books of following generations. It’s as though there’s a rush to ‘get things settled.’

Darwin’s theory of evolution appears in 1859 and he tied his thinking to a theory of uniformity, put forward by Charles Lyell, geologist, in the 1830's - no great catastrophes, no literally earth shattering events, although mass extinctions are recognised. A slow and steady evolution of species over millions of years. A key requirement within this idea states that past geological events must be explained by the same causes now in operation; Velikovsky presents proof after proof that this was not the case, that different causes were in operation within mankind’s memory. He uses geology to make his point in ‘Earth in upheaval’

Velikovsky, writing in the 1950's, references much which was written within the preceding hundred years. Within that hundred years, much had been discovered which indicate that ‘things are far from settled.’

This is the position I find myself in with the history of ancient Britain as told by Alan Wilson. When it comes to source material, much was written or collated, again in the 1800's, by the literary forger Edward Williams, best known as Iolo Morganwg. If, in fact, he was so tainted then his work with the Coelbran alphabet is also suspect.

It’s not a dead end - just needs more research. Alan Wilson presents evidence of carved standing stones using this alphabet and which he can translate. If true, then perhaps Iolo Morganwg wasn’t fraululent in all he did. Alan Wilson uses more sources than just Iolo and does more than present two historical King Arthurs, he brings in the Ark of the Covenant, the holy family and, of course, this is somewhat sensational and rewrites history.

Whereas Velikovsky’s work has been beyond reproach and been taken up and expanded on, inspiring others and pointing the way to the concept of an electric universe, Alan Wilson is now old and infirm, and appears to be generally ignored. I will keep an eye out for his books. They’re not easy to find. I’m not going to ignore his thirty years of research just because they question a favoured, established view - it’s a view of the moment. Not much is ‘settled’ at all.

Just the faintest hint of a breeze comes through the summer window here, on the first day of the year. It is very quiet, the odd passing car, nothing more. Three days and the cast comes off my foot. Five weeks of relative immobility ends. The garden has grown both luxuriant and unkempt. Beautiful in its early summer colour. Made two jars of red and white current jam which are a bit tart but yummy nonetheless. First effort of jam making. Red currants are small and luminous with deep red when the sun catches the berry.

It’s a far cry from the hustle and bustle.

..... cheers .... - December 30, 2016

‘Those who forget the lessons of history are condemned to repeat them.’

Who could argue with the commonsense displayed but if you never knew your history or the history - always written by the victor - was not the literal truth but just a sketching of events, polished by the viewpoint of the victor. What then? And what if that incomplete understanding of history weren’t confined to the last hundred years or so but extended back through the millennia.

What are the lessons of history apart from the retelling of dates and events, people and, of course, the creation myths which all peoples recall? I wonder about that.

I wonder about the rainbow serpent of Australia, the dragons of Wales. The same dragons in China yet dragons never existed in that fire breathing capacity so feared and revered by man.        

Perhaps a flying, reptilian looking, dinosaur comes close in image but millions of years separate man from dinosaur - so I’m led to believe - and ‘fire breathing’ is an essential part of ‘dragonhood.’

There’s history in the billions of years of Earth’s geologic time and there’s the brief history of modern man as measured in 100,000 years or so. Within that geologic history appear ‘ Out of place artifacts’ - things that, by rights, shouldn’t exist within the context of where they were found. At the very least, my understanding of the world and human history, as taught me when young and before this present day in which I can roam the libraries and museums of the world without leaving this chair, is changed and open to question. But the limitations still arise when it comes to checking sources. It’s not possible for me to read The Mabinogion in Welsh and much the same for other sources. Not too much of a limitation with translations available.

‘If you don’t like the message, shoot the messenger.’ This ruthless approach to bad tidings or ‘good’ still applies. When I first read   Velikovsky’s books and learnt something of the outcry and vilification which attended his work, I came across a slender book, title forgotten, which detailed exactly who and why this ‘shoot the messenger’ occurred. It’s a shameful inditement, a bowing to vested interest.

Velikovsky was a scholar across many adjacent fields. His work threatened so much of the established view that, if the message couldn’t be suppressed then destroy he who brings the message. It didn’t work. Velikovsky was quite happy to let time be the judge regarding the validity of his startling ideas.

‘Post truth’ and fake news. Much ‘news’ is facebook/fakebook news. It doesn’t have to be true. It just has to be repeated until it’s accepted.

I don’t live in a parallel universe but I do in that ‘Alice in Wonderland’ sense of living in a world where umpteen contradictory and mutually exclusive ideas are embraced along with breakfast.

That Israel should be outraged that its duplicity in regard to the continuing building of settlements on Palestinian land is exposed is no surprise. Bullies and thieves are always outraged. Israel - which Israel? The only country I know of where the borders expand. Sixty years and more of deceit and Israel is upset. It’s taken this long for America to chide an ally whose behaviour would not be tolerated anywhere on Earth without a chorus of condemnation.

‘Years end’ and happy new year. There was a sense of continuity in decades past when moving from year to year. It’s more fragile now. Anything can happen is a mood of the day. Both positive and negative.

My interest in the Britain which existed a few thousand years ago continues. I’ve found that books by Alan Wilson and Baram Blackett are hard to find and, thus, have relied on their youtube interviews to get a sense of their history, once dismissed and now revealed. I can’t check much as yet but have watched a series which details the skullduggery which both men endured as a ‘shoot the messenger’ scenario played out. Echoes of the treatment Velikovsky endured.

Why does any of this matter is another question. A sweeping away of cobwebs of belief based on incomplete knowledge and unconscious prejudice is an ongoing process throughout life. Or it is for me.

... rallying around which flag precisely .. - December 15, 2016

The temperature drops from sweat to cold and does so overnight. Rain pours steady and bedraggled parrots look unconcerned, awaiting a handful of early morning seed. The earth is thirsty and this rain is soft, sinks into the soil and the balance within this garden of hot and cold, wet and dry is perfect for continued Spring growth.

I keep an eye on the news in the wider world, events unfolding, but there’s so much which is horrible that I don’t dwell on much. In the same line of thought which suggests that ‘There is nothing new under the sun’ so the thought arises that ‘If I can imagine it then someone has done it.’ While this is true of human behaviour I don’t know that it holds true for the soaring heights of creativity nor inventiveness which mankind can and does produce.

Christmas approaches and as a child of the fifties, raised in Wales and England, before television brought both blessing and curse to the population, I remember when Xmas first appeared. It was a jolt to my childhood sensibilities. What mind would even think of the idea of replacing Christ with an X? For what purpose?

In the same way that News Years Eve fireworks become more spectacular each year - ‘Yer gotta take it to another level’ - Christmas is now almost completely eclipsed by Xmas and Santa replaces Christ as the reason for the celebration.  

Christ is inconvenient for those for whom money and profit are the purpose of each and every day.

The curse of television as a means of shaping public opinion is related to what my dad used to call ‘the lowest common denominator.’ It’s a mathematical term but applied to people it indicates the most basic, least sophisticated level of taste, sensibility, or opinion among a group of people. This isn’t elitist thinking. It directly relates to standards, standards of behaviour and what is considered acceptable behaviour.

Pennants fluttering in the breeze and the Standard, the King’s flag, is held high. Images of medieval Britain, chivalry and brutality. The Standard is something to literally look up to. Not the lowest common denominator. The medieval English standard was larger than the other flags and, to my mind, that larger standard is symbolic of the standards of behaviour which are displayed by the king and which are adopted by those who ‘rally round the flag.’

It continues to steadily rain and it’s all to the good. I’ll be a bit immobile until early January. Broken bone in foot and lots of time to muse a bit and play some guitar. Lucky me, I know.

Within my lifetime the standards have changed. What is debased is held high. The flags and pennants are tinsel and glitz. Show replaces substance.

Hold fast to that which endures.

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