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david griffith - saucepanbach: Photos

Bruno, Chris and I at the Imperial
or an alien sky
we don't as yet have a name for this cloud formation - pause for thought!
the beautiful Fender and the HUGE drum kit
at the Family hotel
2008 at the Imperial with Wild Man Bru
Bruno and I at the Imperial 2008
courtesy of N.A.S.A. ... our sun, the beautiful star, through a blue filter
the king parrot
tiger lilies amongst the tree ferns
the magnolia in its glory
the Goya at home
the language of astronomy is both pragmatic and poetic
....light echoes.....
me .. stripped at 'The Gearins'
'Artstreet Katoomba'...2005 i think it was
'how do I get my cars down from the top of the castle?' ..he's only five then and so the castle became a garage
turrets on either end of the castle/garage
two staircases and a turret...out for a stroll
probably made two dozen of these staircases in the quest to 'get it right'
an open turret
twin staircases

relative size

isn't it something - relative size
wow .... earth is small next to Jupiter
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