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david griffith - saucepanbach: video

medicine woman - August 25, 2016

.......... cruelty soup ... - September 11, 2015

ironfest 2008 - seven songs - March 13, 2014


seven songs played at Ironfest.

overflow ( so happy birthday )

medicine woman

cry on my heart

started off low

been away so long

this trust

walk this way  

Fall of an Empire - recognition of the child - February 22, 2014



" Film footage from ancient times is hard to come by." says Matti Heinonen - the film maker.

It's a war against those who set wars in motion, against those who finance both sides of every revolution and profit regardless.

It cuts across the centuries.

white men have no Dreaming - February 1, 2014



White men DO have Dreaming in the Aboriginal sense but it's an isolated affair.

Initiations are not a community concern within Western societies. Other realities aren't seriously entertained.

two planes - January 31, 2014


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