content - as in substance not 'content' as in feeling good

Youtube is indeed censorious and Tony Heller needing to move to other platforms is proof of that. If his latest video, presented here, gets deleted on youtube and a blank screen appears then draw your own conclusions.

James Corbett is…

there was a time before covid


There’s such a torrent of information becoming available now that focus on a few things serves more purpose than the alternative. 

Whilst Covid related items dominate the ‘news’ everything else that made one wonder a few years ago continues apace. 

no soundbites in truth - in truth no soundbites

Real – as in truthful – British history wasn’t taught as I passed through school. Nothing much happening before the Romans and very little worth mentioning afterwards until ….“1066 and all that.” Fairly dreary with no sense of context, no…


yesterday, today and tomorrow

Amid the covid back and forth there’s always the ‘Meanwhile ….’ 

Architects and Engineers for 9/11 Truth persevere in their efforts while N.I.S.T. prevaricate – it’s an issue which will not die, nor should it. There’s an obvious truth, unpalatable…


covid and 9/11

If I watch the ‘news’ – and it doesn’t matter from which part of the World – it looks like a horror show and often is, it wouldn’t be news without the scenes of conflict, and, thus, the Australia I…


It's not all gloom and doom

My ignorance is appalling in more fields than I care to count. I have to unlearn much of what I’ve been taught and to question continually. The history of the country of my birth and of the country I now…


Violating Community Guidelines

“a nation that is afraid to let its people judge the truth and falsehood in an open market is a nation that is afraid of its people.” 

John Fitzgerald Kennedy 

So leads off the remarkable Tony Heller in a youtube…