now and change

A quiet winter day, no wind as yet, brilliant blue sky and early bulbs already in flower. The seasons flow and generally do so with slow and steady change. Everything looks as it should but while sun, rain and the…


As the days get longer

‘Don’t rock the boat, upset the apple cart, throw the baby out with the bathwater’, they all fall under the cautionary umbrella – some personal and others applicable in the wider world. 

 Google Earth is a great tool but that’s…


pull on a thread and a tapestry unravels

There hasn’t been a normal since I don’t know when. 

The droughts, fires and general alarm meant that tourist numbers were already down when the virus shut down activity here in Australia. 

Whose lives matter? 

The mayhem unleashed around the…


Architects and Engineers

Time is askew, bent out of joint and the divergent point was September 11th 2001. 

The political world cannot be understood without a clear picture of what occurred on that day, what was covered up and why. 

The lyrics to…


the shadow of that day - towers gone, shadow remains

Synchronicity – a ‘thankyou‘ in the mail for a small donation to Architects and Engineers for 9/11 truth arrived which coincided with a youtube recommendation leading to the video below. 

It’s clear that the truth regarding THE event which changed…

no time like the present - oh yes there is

Autumn lands with a thud as it usually does up here where four seasons are clearly defined. The tribe of Treeferns, sixty strong, which are the immediate joy to the eye in this garden, were weakened by the long drought…

Are you sirius?

There is no ‘normal’ to go back to. That ‘normal’ had money being printed out of thin air which was then used to bail out the ‘Banks too big to fail’ and is now being dispensed by our governments to…

now and then

‘Now’ becomes ‘then’ immediately or otherwise depending on the breadth in time of the ‘now’. In terms of working within the obvious dictates of the changing seasons, the garden gets an Autumn overhaul and what hasn’t worked in one spot…