When consensus is a pretence.

Consensus in science doesn’t exist and I’m not sure that it could given the nature of scientific inquiry. 

Yet when it comes to Climate Change the absurd 90% plus figure regarding consensus is trotted out like a Gospel.

31,000 American…


'Artorius Rex Discovered'

‘Artorius Rex Discovered’ is not a book for the faint hearted. It is so densely packed with minute detail that it’s no wonder that a search for ‘Wilson and Blackett debunked’ turns up no result. A bit of scurrilous nonsense…

Twice as fast

‘Twice as fast’ … what could this relate to except ‘Global warming.’ 

Tony Heller is indefatigable when it comes to detail about climate. He’ll scour newspaper reports and, unless those reports were false, then the temperature graphs used to promote…



It was a brief conversation, years ago, brief because I had no answer. 

9/11 related. 

“Do you know that over two thousand architects and engineers have a signed a petition calling for a re-investigation into 9/11?” 

Quick as a flash…


U.A.P.'s and playing with words.

U.F.O.'s become U.A.P.'s and there's no difference.

The report to Congress starts in 2006 as if it's a new subject. We, the public, got so little information that it's insulting.

Not a novel situation but I'm tired of bullshit.



the garden is carbon and water and not much more

The climate is changing, the climate is changed. Trust is broken and lies are repeated so often that they become the unquestioned truth. 

CO2 as a cause for global warming – just one example – correlation is not causation.