across time

It was a few years ago when I did some research into ‘ancient’ British history – Welsh history in particular. 

I was going back to the valleys for a first visit in over fifty years. Why wouldn’t I want a…

Looking for a problem that doesn’t exist.

As if there weren’t real issues to deal with on a daily basis, the morning news tells me that a Professor in France claims that white bread is racist. Thankfully, the French immediately mock this nonsense. 

Ah – White privilege…

kidney stones are no fun -that's all this is about.

Strange times in a six month long, intensely painful chapter of my life. At three score and ten one expects health issues, some self inflicted, others not. 

 Covid wreaks havoc and economies stagger while drought, flood and a whole gamut…


partial disclosure

It’s early Winter here, cold overnight, cool during the day. I’m a bit restricted in movement at present which gives me more time to ‘continue the education.’ 

As a child of the fifties, not long after the Second World War…


antii zionism is not anti semiticism

The lines are getting longer 

For the poor and the dispossessed 

As the men about the kitchen 

juggle sauce for more is less 

And it’s nowhere near better 

As the vultures hold and swoop 

On the nearest hapless fellow 


a picture's worth a thousand words but only if it's seen

This isn't a recent depiction of the ongoing theft of Palestinian land but illustrates the nonsense of 70 years and more of peace talks.


I have an old school map of Palestine - had to shine a light on it…


due diligence

'climate warming' is replaced by 'climate change' - both are fairly meaningless slogans so I continued my research.

Suspicious Observers present the following:



as we are

covid continues as do the plans of men and a new world order in which to place those plans. No

'theory'  about it, it's there.

We have no initiations to speak of in modern day society as opposed to the…

Taking stock.

I got my first acoustic guitar in my twenties, got shown a few chords and realised that I don’t need more than that to write songs. 

I don’t consider myself a musician and the gift of a good voice is…