After the move - more change to come

Shock, horror – I discriminate and I’ve been doing so all my life. I did it as a child when fairness and the lack of it presented itself within the family, the schoolyard and society itself yet discrimination is now seen as a negative, something to be avoided. Why? 

Changing the meaning of words is a sure way to spread confusion throughout a society. 

Diversity … hmm … ‘we welcome and embrace diversity’. What does that mean – anything and everything is o.k.? Everything isn’t o.k. and I don’t embrace diversity if that implies that critical thinking is dismissed. In fact, ‘we’ don’t embrace extreme and diverse political views for the very good reason that they threaten our very existence. 

In religious affairs the same discrimination applies. What the religion teaches matters and if that religion does not treat equally all of mankind as being ‘God’s children,’ all of whom have souls, then it’s a false doctrine. Plenty of them around. 

Not the deal of the century, not a two state solution but a final solution of sorts and if the phrase echoes, it should. 

So – who have I offended by plain speaking – not a rhetorical question because, in the process of moving ‘seamlessly’ from one hosting service to another, the statistics for this site have gone from ‘respectable’ to zero. 

Quite possible that there is, no longer, any interest but also possible that something akin to shadow banning is taking place. 

Also possible that things are in constant flux within your society as it is here. Who has time to care about the inconsistencies of 9/11 or the private ownership of the Federal Reserve when flood, fire and personal tragedy stalk the land. 

The fires along the East Coast are out or diminished by the torrential rain we’ve received in the last week or so – over 60cms here or 2 foot, knee high and above – more rain than has been seen for a long while. 

I’ll go quiet awhile, thankful to researchers such as James Corbett, Tony Heller, the Thunderbolts Project, Praveen Mohan who continue to educate, sometimes grim sometimes delightful, always detailed and truthful. 

Ah – freedom of speech, what a lovely idea.