'Artorius Rex Discovered'

‘Artorius Rex Discovered’ is not a book for the faint hearted. It is so densely packed with minute detail that it’s no wonder that a search for ‘Wilson and Blackett debunked’ turns up no result. A bit of scurrilous nonsense but nothing real. 

To debunk such scholarly research would require a physical retracing of their steps, an excellent fluency with the Welsh language, a deep understanding of history and sources, context within that history and a keen intellect not encumbered by bias or self interest. A decade or so of time may also be required. As there is in existence a whole industry in England dedicated to making money from Arthurian legend then courage and perseverance will also be needed. 

There are no takers for such an endeavor. Wilson and Blackett are ignored. Understandable in England but a disgrace within Wales where the ‘powers that be’ have a duty to prove them wrong or otherwise. 

I had no interest in King Arthur – surely myth and legend or so I once thought - and found Wilson and Blackett while researching my own voyage back to Wales – land of my birth, land of my fathers. I wanted a deeper map of time and place than that generally available. 

It was by their lectures and their collaboration with Adrian Gilbert who wrote ‘The Holy Kingdom’ that I found the roadmap I was seeking. It served me well and I’m grateful to the authors. 

It was four years ago when I made that journey but only very recently did I find the book ‘Artorius Rex Discovered.’ I’m very glad that I did.