division, subtraction - it's not mathematics

Left wing, right wing, seemingly different but attached to the same bird and of little use unless they flap in unison.

‘This is completely unacceptable’ say various leaders regarding the situation around Iran – a situation manufactured by the U.S.A.

Iran is being portrayed as sinister yet Saudi Arabia is our ‘friend’? – in what sense is Saudi Arabia our friend? Shared values? Democratic ideals?

We share arms not alms, there are no shared values. Money, oil and weapons aren’t values and ‘national interests’ are quoted in official narratives in the increasing drum beats of those bent on war.

I don’t want war but then I’m not a psychopath.

Ebola resurfaces, economies are faltering, drought and flood ravage the land and yet war is somehow ‘front and centre’ as an issue.

Left wing, right wing – same bird.

The levels of division or potential division within society is mind boggling. Almost nothing can be voiced without cries of dissent and someone offended. It is biblical, end times stark warning when man and wife, father and son, whole families disagree about so much, when one generation is set against another, when – soon to arrive - no-one can buy or sell without being plugged into a system quite different to that which previous generations endured. This cashless society is all but here and that’s but one of many areas about to change.

My views are only that and I don’t know why I’m writing this.

Good video below – mainly about Australian financial conditions but with wider ramifications. Any suggestion in the video that I buy silver and gold is a bit of a joke as it is for most of us.

No matter. Black humour is better than no humour at all.