Elephants on tip toe

I was a child when fascist Mussolini briefly strutted a world stage but the image of a barnyard rooster, the puffed out chest and the dramatic poses remains clear. 

When Trump took the stage, utterly unprepared then as now, the same image came to mind. 

There are many voices whom I respect who then astound me by supporting Trump. If they’d voted Trump because they couldn’t stomach the Clintons – that I understand but to turn a blind eye to Trump’s constant lying and to all the character faults which come with such an ingrained disregard for truth beggars belief. 

‘There are alternatives’ think I but I’m not sure that there really are. 

So much going on while the virus IS the daily headline that it’s easy to miss such newsworthy items what would have been considered remarkable a year or so back. 

The tacit admission by the U.S. military that UFO’s are real, as evidenced by the videos released, should be raising immediate questions – Roswell as an example - but it’s not so. 

That the Palestinians have been shafted yet again in their justifiable quest for something more than a puddle to sit in. Seventy years of lies from Israel comes down to ‘Get what you get and be thankful.’ 

What an odious way to treat your fellow man. 

Barely makes the news. 

The anniversary of 9/11 and the ongoing quest to reveal the truth of that matter … what truth? …. a forty seven story building, not hit by a plane, which collapsed in such a manner that demolition is the only method which duplicates, in the ‘lab’ of computer modelling and also taking a four year study to reveal, that which occurred. 

Hasn’t made the news despite the implications. 

That the Federal Reserve, privately owned, continues to steal the wealth of the world. Privately owned? It’s not in dispute regardless of the fact that most think it’s a government institution. 

Mob rule – that used to conjure up images of rioters but it also is the case that ‘The Mob’ do rule in one form or another and … Republican or Democrat, right or left, socialist and so on, these labels hold no clear meaning for me. 

Totalitarian rule or the threat of it stalks the streets of America while Trump, narcissist that he is, plants the seeds of civil war with his inflammatory nonsense about ‘ .. if I lose the election it’s because it’s rigged.’ 

A buffoon in the White House. 

Late winter day and almost warm so a walk is in the offing. Flowers sniff the air and the bold put forth their colours. It’s a cheerful sight. 

Music in the air. I’ll keep practicing and playing.