I'd be happy to be wrong

Issues that I’d prefer to be wrong about: 

No culture of secrecy about paedophiles in our religious institutions. 
No cause for concern about illegal activities within the banking system. 
No issues of abuse and neglect within our Aged Care and Disabilities sector. 

These are all areas for which we’ve had Royal Commissions in Australia. They’ve found these institutions either corrupt or ‘ethically challenged.’ 

Recommendations get made and life goes on as if it’s all better now or soon will be. 

Power corrupts, absolute power corrupts absolutely. This isn’t ‘news’ to anyone so why would I expect that this isn’t the case in the corridors of power. 

There are more ‘think tanks’ than you can ‘poke a stick at’ yet the world is an utter mess and shows no sign of improvement so either the think tanks are useless or there’s an agenda at work which relies on this ongoing and worsening mess in order to bring in the ‘new world order’ that so many political figures mention as if it’s both a good thing and needed. 

Events don’t tend to happen on the world stage by accident. The waves of refugees fleeing destroyed societies throughout the Middle East are a direct result of policies put in place by the same people that brought us the Project for a New American Century. 

Never heard of it? It stated that to maintain America’s pre-eminent position, after the fall of the Soviet Union, that regime change was needed in a list of countries in the Middle East which have since been destroyed by America and its ‘coalition of the willing.’ 

War dogs. Men and women of evil intent. 

People aren’t willing to go to war. A cause is needed and 9/11 provided it. 

The University of Alaska, Fairbanks have completed a four year study into Building 7 and concluded that office fires could not have caused the collapse of this 47 story skyscraper situated next to the Twin Towers. 

It will not make the news. The implications are horrendous but  will it  make the news?