Is it a nod or a wink?

A wink is as good as a nod to a blind horse. 

We’re being herded, corralled and given little choice about the matter. Public health, safety and so on. 

Just the musings of an ordinary bloke but the changes within my lifetime are as immense as the dystopian possible futures defined by much of the science fiction I devoured so many decades ago. 

How disappointing, within those fabulous tales, was the idea that hierarchies, the pyramid type so prevalent here on Earth, prevail throughout the Universe. Intergalactic wars without end. 

A ‘dog eat dog’ Universe, ‘Cowboys and Indians in Space’, not much to look forward to if that were the whole of the truth. 

Other dimensions. 

So – ‘belief and knowledge and the difference between’ and is the world I’m living in, the changes being foisted upon us, just accidental, are our leaders just blundering from crisis to crisis or – if the world is a grand chessboard, an idea familiar to most of us, - is there strategy, plans developed, stealth employed perhaps to achieve aims largely unspoken or disguised. 

Who needs conspiracy theories when real conspiracies abound. 

I lament the fact that when trust breaks down relationships suffer, wither and decline and this is true personally, nationally and internationally. 

I lament the lack of ethics which invariably cause the destruction of that trust. 

I know life isn’t fair but that’s no justification for drinking from that trough, from behaving unfairly oneself. That was one of the ideas I gleaned from a Christian childhood upbringing which still makes sense to me and echoes Christ’s injunction to love one another which, necessarily, makes slavery of any description impossible. 

Here in Australia an opportunity arose recently to ‘put it to the people,’ by way of a referendum, that Aboriginal Australia have a ‘voice’ – they don’t even have a treaty – the Prime Minister of the day refused to entertain the idea. It’s more nuanced than that but a disgrace nonetheless. What trust is there in a National Apology if words don’t lead to action and real change in a positive direction. 

Palestinians suffer under seventy years of illusory ‘peace talks’ where Israel has all the power and jackboots its way to solving the Palestinian problem by total control of resources and ever expanding ‘settlements’ thus condemning Palestinians to ghettos. 

It’s such a familiar story, nothing learnt from the horrors of the Second World War. 

A nod’s as good as a wink to a blind horse. 

Business as usual – just a change in the terms and conditions. 

Just musings because … there’s a lot going on apart from the care of a garden. Having said that – a small crop of red currants are almost ready for picking while the garlic crop isn’t far behind. Hooray. 

Nature doesn’t miss a beat.