Is it really a matter of .... nothing to see here

‘The Death of Stalin’ – the film rather than the event – stays in mind for the wonderful, black humoured way in which it shows a totalitarian system with the leader as unquestioned and which, inevitably, corrupts and diminishes all concerned. 

It does for totalitarian politics what ‘The Life of Brian’ does for religion. The connection being the absurdity of much of human interaction when a rigid acceptance of ‘the Leader’ replaces free thought and free speech. 

God knows religion has much to answer for but totalitarian systems, of which we’ve had a few, inevitably replaces whatever God may be  with  a human being … a human being what? … usually ‘being hideous.’ 

Can’t achieve much when despots rule. 

Meanwhile the anniversary of 9/11 approaches and will probably pass with no scrutiny. 

A fine video below as to who the actors were.