It's morning here, a mid winter morning with mourning yet to come

It’s difficult to maintain discipline while in retreat and the spread of an invisible virus, the immediate enemy, has seen borders closed, reopened then closed again. It’s exhausting and much the same everywhere across the world. 

An ‘Outbreak at the Crossroads Hotel’ sounds like a ‘shoot ‘em up’ film script but this real and symbolic outbreak occurred here recently and so the back and forth of lockdown then cautious reopening continues with the virus paying no heed to first wave, second wave artificial distinctions. 

The virus has been compared with 9/11 in terms of impact and implication which is both sad and ironic as the ‘news’ revealed by the University of Alaska, Fairbanks shows that office fires could not have brought down Building 7 and that, in fact, only a controlled demolition could have mirrored what was seen on that day. 

This ‘world shattering’ news has been completely ignored by the media. How can that be? Wilful ignorance? 

While western media ignore what has or should have been apparent since that fateful day it cannot have escaped the notice of China or Russia – or, for that matter, the intelligence services of most countries and this makes me wonder whether there’s a tacit agreement to not expose this knowledge, regardless of apparent political differences, in view of a greater goal, a ‘new world order’ which, of course, means total control. 

The best laid plans of mice and men oft go astray. 

Meanwhile the garden stirs as mid winter arrives. Early morning frosts, a walk later and time for some guitar. 

A video below about the Australian version of the Yeti or Sasquatch, here named the Yowie.