It's not all gloom and doom

My ignorance is appalling in more fields than I care to count. I have to unlearn much of what I’ve been taught and to question continually. The history of the country of my birth and of the country I now live in, where the money comes from and to whom does it flow, the whys and the wherefores of this world, the one in which political leaders boast that they can change reality and they do. 

The history of Central Banking is a cesspit. The hideous divisions in society are manufactured, there is an agenda. It’s not mine. 

I don’t use social media and look to other voices to give education, inspiration, humour, sometimes via lecture, documentary … it’s ongoing. 

I’m a grandparent and can’t afford to blindly accept what I’m told, not when 5 – 11 year olds are lining up or about to be lined up to be vaccinated for no good reason – remember when this covid ‘thing’ started NO children needed to be vaccinated albeit they may get sick. Nothing essentially has changed yet we’re now hell-bent on injecting our children, who cannot make an informed consent, with vaccines which haven’t been given due process regarding safety and long term effect. 

This is a madness. Children are not dying in the streets.


and a word or two with Jordan Peterson and then, for me, play some music.