Looking for a problem that doesn’t exist.

As if there weren’t real issues to deal with on a daily basis, the morning news tells me that a Professor in France claims that white bread is racist. Thankfully, the French immediately mock this nonsense. 

Ah – White privilege. There’s very little white privilege evident in my life. I still managed to get beaten and abused just as happens everywhere to every race, colour and creed. 

I don’t think in terms of class but if I did then my working life has mainly been that of a serf, a peasant and, quite often, an ‘untouchable.’ 

Essential jobs but who wants to do them. I did them with intelligence, flexibility and effort and did them well.   

White privilege? Not if you’re poor. I’ve had choices and I suppose that could be seen as privilege. Living in a democracy, creaky though it be, is still the only viable option compared to the other societal systems all of which lead to the total control model. 

The construction industry here reflects our crumbling society just as it does in China, the U.S., the U.K. and elsewhere -  skyscrapers fall apart, concrete crumbles and flammable covers are placed on the outside of buildings. No privilege but the one of corrupt practice thriving within all societies. 

“… almost as though it never happened.” There’s a lot left out in history which governments of all persuasions would prefer to keep that way. 

China doesn’t want to be bullied and won’t tolerate it. No sanctimonious criticism welcome. 

‘Good on yer, China’ – rhyming slang - ‘China’ goes with ‘plate’ which rhymes with ‘mate’ and is a term of endearment - and no blame to China to remember a history where Britain’s opium wars fueled slavery in China while allowing fragile democracies elsewhere. Some would call that ‘white privilege’ but is it that simple? Just as a ‘whitewash’ indicates a cover up, an elite exists everywhere and it’s  they who prosper regardless of skin colour. The great mass of people are cannon fodder. 

Tiananmen Square gets forgotten – it’s inconvenient truth. Equally so for the sad tale of the USS Liberty which has a yearly memorial and is largely forgotten … never heard of it? …. Israel attacks an American ship, absolutely determined to sink the ship and kill the survivors. If that weren’t treacherous enough, Lyndon Johnson is happy to indulge Israel. Shameful enough and like Tiananmen, to be ‘better forgotten.’ 

9/11 and ‘Architects and Engineers for 9/11 Truth’ continue their quest for corrections to the N.I.S.T report – only to be denied. More inconvenient truths of far greater consequence to the whole world than Tiananmen Square. 

This doesn’t make Tiananmen any the less a terrible event but finger pointing about human rights sounds a bit hollow coming from the Land of the Free with their own dismal record of interference wherever and whenever they’ve seen their business and political interests threatened. 

‘Confessions of an economic hitman’ – lurid title but makes clear the machinations of the U.S. throughout South American countries. 

‘Still an’ all’ - Hooray for Taiwan, Hong Kong, Tibet all of whom the Communist Party would engulf. Reality check – these countries don’t welcome invasion any more than you do. The Party isn’t China and depends upon the people and not the other way round. 

It’s hard to get through to an Emperor. 

The N.I.S.T. Report, much like the recent UFO disclosure report to the American Congress, … is so incomplete as to be rubbish. Talk about holding the public in contempt. 

Conspiracies and ‘dirty deeds’ have never ceased and most would  remain hidden if not for the internet. 

9/11 was an inside job … not a conspiracy theory but an inevitable conclusion, as the evidence leads for those who care to look. 

Latest email from ‘Architects and Engineers for 9/11 Truth’ … these are credentialed people in their fields with far better things to do than look for a problem which doesn’t exist - and to do so for twenty years. 

     NIST issues blatantly unresponsive — and unlawful —         decision on WTC 7 request 

One day before the July 1 deadline that AE911Truth gave NIST to issue its final decision on our “request for correction” to its report on Building 7 or else face legal action, NIST responded with a blatantly unresponsive — and unlawful — denial of our request.

NIST’s cursory five-page decision boils down to one paragraph, in which NIST baldly asserts that AE911Truth’s approach “has many differences” from NIST’s and that “[d]ue to these differences, the resulting outcomes . . . do not have an impact on the findings and recommendations of NIST’s Final Report….” 

We invite you to read NIST’s final decision as well as the preliminary analysis of our attorney in this effort, Mick Harrison (who is also litigation director of the Lawyers’ Committee for 9/11 Inquiry). Other documents related to the request can be found at AE911Truth.org/nist. 

…. Raising questions about problems which DO exist.